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Top open-source ERP systems to consider

 Every business has unique objectives, business processes, and requirements. Today’s businesses are looking for ERP implementations to synchronize all information and functions within the organization. We have listed top open-source ERP systems that will help you to improve your internal business process and overall business performance.   1. Dolibarr Dolibarr ERP system provides complete […]

Everything you need to know about Angular

Origin of Angular For developers, building great and scalable applications quickly is a key challenge. Enterprises are looking for a robust framework to simplify the development and testing process. To provide a complete enterprise solution, Google developed an open-source front-end web application framework known as Angular. With Angular, developers can build dynamic and modern web […]

7 reasons why you should build a custom CRM system

About CRM A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system aims to streamline your business process by improving the relationship with existing customers and identifying new leads and possibilities. It facilitates collecting, storing and managing customer information, customer segmentation, sales automation, campaign management, etc.    CRMs are not only for large-scale businesses with vast databases of customers but they […]

Top Technology Trends for 2019

 Blockchain, augmented analytics and artificial intelligence will drive disruption and improve business opportunities. The way fictional movies are portraying artificial intelligence (AI) and robots provide a fascinating glimpse into humanity’s relationship with technology. Companies are using AI-driven robotics to connect with customers on a deeper level, automate tedious tasks and logistics. These AI-driven robots […]

How to migrate your applications to Angular

What is Angular? Building apps from scratch could be a reckless move for developers in the continually changing landscape of customers’ tastes. Great coders know that good work comes from a robust framework that simplifies the development and testing process. To provide developers a platform that quickly builds web applications, Google developed an open-source web […]

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