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Why Choose Zibtek As Your Software Application Development Company

Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Out of the software companies in Salt Lake City, Zibtek is one of the best. From strategy consulting to the development of scalable solutions, Zibtek delivers full-cycle software development services that meet your project requirements and business needs.

Since 2009, we've used our real-world experience of founding, building, and exiting multiple companies to lead the digital transformation of our clients through custom software development services. We're a software company in Salt Lake City UT that has the talent you need to jumpstart your next project immediately.

Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Custom Software Development Approach: Practical Agile Methodology

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to software development, but compared to other software companies in Salt Lake City we're at the top. Our tailored process allows us to:


Maintain a highly customized approach


Build long-term partnerships


Remain focused on developing a product that fits your unique needs

Software Companies in Salt Lake City
Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Software Development Companies

Software Development Flexible To Your Needs

From ideation to delivery and support, Zibtek is one of the Salt Lake City software companies that delivers exceptional services that leverage the latest technologies and trends while remaining flexible to your needs.

Have an existing project that needs talent gaps filled quickly?

Have an existing project that needs talent gaps filled quickly? Zibtek offers short-term staff augmentation solutions, including design, web and mobile development , project management, QA automation, dev ops, and support services. All services are available in-country, nearshore, and offshore to meet your budget requirements.

Have a new development project but no in-house development team to handle it?

Custom software applications are created for your unique needs and help you gain a competitive advantage by no using the same canned solutions as your competition. They also call for qualified talent. If you want to avoid hiring an entire development team for a custom application, Zibtek has the team you need to achieve greater profitability, efficiency, valuation, and success.

Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Superior Skill Of Our Software Application Development Team

Zibtek provides all the roles needed to complete the team your project requires. That's what makes us one of the best software companies in Salt Lake City. Our rigorous hiring process ensures you get top talent who work autonomously but communicate and report status continuously. Using our practical agile approach, your team works quickly to reduce your time-to-market while enhancing your business's efficiency and productivity.

Experienced and highly skilled engineers, on-demand developers, strategic consultations, frequent communications with our engineers, and one point of contact who pairs with your project manager ensures you get the expertise and support you need.

Software Companies in Salt Lake City

What Is A Practical Agile Approach To Software Development?

An agile approach to development relies heavily on feedback and discoveries made throughout the process to shape the software's design and functions. Zibtek's expert, dedicated teams work in sprints to handle backlogs while maintaining the flexibility needed to reprioritize and adjust as the project moves forward. As teams are quickly formed to implement and execute agreed-upon plans, we're able to deliver solutions and value immediately.

We're passionate about bringing your product to life on time and budget. Our dedicated project managers use comprehensive internal processes to ensure your team is always engaged and productive, and your software is scalable and ready to take on anything your growing business throws at it.

Software Companies in Salt Lake City

Our Custom Software Development Work

Here are just a few of the local Utah-based companies that chose Zibtek over the other software companies in Salt Lake City Utah as their reliable partner in creating impactful software solutions that change people's lives and improve customer and client satisfaction.


Employee health and safety workflow solutions provider Formfox needed a more efficient way to track and test various workplace screening programs. We designed and developed the portal they required.

Stroke, Rebranded As Awsm

Stoke, rebranded as Awsm, is a private social media app for families and groups that's designed to strengthen real connections. When the company needed help bringing their app to life, Zibtek's mobile application development services team built it from the ground up.

Promptly Journals

With a mission to help people live fuller, more present lives through journaling, Promptly Journals need their app built from the ground up. We delivered a high-performance, scalable, secure app that can be used on different platforms.

Academy Mortgage

Academy Mortgage is dedicated to making homeownership a reality for as many people as possible. The unique nature of the business made supporting an in-house development team challenging. Zibtek provided a team that could easily and efficiently scale up or down according to Academy's needs.

Software Companies in Salt Lake City Utah

We're Local

When you choose a software company in Salt Lake City, you get more flexibility, greater control, reduced costs, and the ability to launch more quickly. You can expect ongoing collaboration, fast on-site implementation, and a team that can work around your business's schedule. Sourcing locally is also good for the community, boosting the economy and the people who live here.

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