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For more than a decade, Zibtek has developed custom software for forward-thinking businesses, helping them accelerate growth and become leaders in their field. We’ve made online education more accessible, workplace screening more streamlined, patient analysis more efficient, construction documentation processing smarter, and much more.

The benefits of custom software

Enterprises that invest in custom software literally have something their competitors do not. If you want to take your brand to the next level, custom software designed specifically for your organization is one of the smartest ways to do it. It’s yours alone, and no one else has anything like it.

When you choose to go the custom software route, you often quickly realize a significant ROI and enjoy additional benefits such as:

Software Solutions for Business

Optimized business processes

Your organization has its own business model and internal procedures. No matter how efficient an off-the-shelf software application may be, custom software can align with your unique in-house operations more closely.

Software Solutions for Business

Increased productivity

Custom software eliminates the speed bumps manual, repetitive tasks create. Employees are happier and more productive, which directly affects profitability.

Software Solutions for Business

No more lost opportunities

Missed data and human error can cost your business clients. Solutions like a custom CRM can be tailored to streamline data gathering and integrate every part of the sales process.

Software Solutions for Business

Heightened security

Off-the-shelf programs are popular targets for cybercriminals. Custom software can be less attractive to bad actors as they can’t identify a common vulnerability.

Software Solutions for Business

Expansion support

Organizations on the move need software that can grow with them. Custom software scales and adapts to the changing needs of a growing business.

Software Solutions for Business

Our team creates great custom software

Our talented team has a history of helping clients solve their most challenging technology problems. While high-quality code is a critical element to developing custom software, the process also involves robust security systems and other powerful features. Our skilled developers have what it takes to bring your custom app to life. They’ll turn your workflow, data entry, monitoring, or any other technology challenge into a solution that lets you reach a higher level of performance, efficiency, and impact.

Who we are and what we do

Zibtek builds custom software solutions specific to your specific business problems. We’re trusted by local and global companies in multiple industries and are confident we can help your organization meet its modern technology goals.

Software Solutions for Business

Practical & measurable approach

Zibtek develops best-in-class custom software that enables you to unlock innovation and make a difference in your sector. Our low-risk and practical approach to software development is designed to propel your digital transformation and ensure a competitive edge

Software Solutions for Business

High priority on client budget, business goals, and ROI

We stay tied to your needs and don’t build anything your business doesn’t need.

Software Solutions for Business

Agile methodology

Our practical agile process. The value we provide significantly and consistently outweighs the financial investment you make.We take multiple upfront steps to ensure your project stays on track and budget. No code is written until we thoroughly understand your organization’s needs, identify potential hurdles, and anticipate issues before, not after, they happen.

Software Solutions for Business

Flexible to your needs

We offer different engagement models, including project-based and staff augmentation. We can fully develop your product from start to finish or extend your team quickly, so your major project stays on track.

Software Solutions for Business
Software Solutions for Business

The most popular types of custom business software

The digital transformation of business is in full swing. Eighty-five percent of enterprise decision-makers report that they have an estimated two years to carry out their digital transformation, or they will fall behind the competition and start to suffer financially. What does that mean for your company? How will you meet the challenge of delivering software solutions that attract and keep customers? What are your plans to give your employees the tools they need to be more productive? How will you meet your business needs next year and after?

One way to answer these questions is to get an idea of where other high performing companies are investing their time and money in custom software development. Here at Zibtek, we see a strong interest in four essential areas of custom application: ERP, CRM, customer portals, and better business intelligence. To help you plan your company’s efforts, we will take a look at how custom solutions can leverage the impact of each type of software.

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP): Running your business the way you want

ERP solutions are where many companies start their custom business software journey for a simple reason: ERP tools are defined as integrated information systems that serve all departments within an enterprise. They impact every part of a business, and—when done right—can deliver productivity gains and insight across the enterprise.

A recent Gartner study listed four primary benefits to ERP:

  • ERP systems give decision-makers the information they need to drive innovation.
  • By collecting all of a company’s data in one place, ERP systems can offer significant efficiency gains.
  • Having all business groups in a single system enables process standardization across an organization.
  • One single ERP system is more cost-effective from an IT expense standpoint when compared to maintaining and integrating separate systems for each area.

These are all benefits that can be improved by deploying a custom solution. The nature of ERP systems—multi-department, business process driving, and data integrating—make finding an off-the-shelf commercial solution that fits your organization difficult. You may be able to identify one that satisfies the specific needs of a single department, but checking all the boxes across an enterprise is almost impossible.

Your ERP system houses your most valuable digital assets and drives your business processes. Shouldn’t that system be created to suit your business rather than shaping your data and methods to fit a generic tool? Many companies think so, and that is why ERP systems are the most popular type of custom software application we work on here at Zibtek, and why we expect the trend to continue in 2020.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Adapting to the way you need to find, retain, and grow your customers

If you can not locate, acquire, keep, and increase customers, you do not have a business. That is why the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) your company uses is vital to your success. In some cases, CRM is part of an ERP system, or it can be its own standalone tool. Tightly integrated or loosely connected, CRM investments deliver. Here are three statistics outlining the benefits:

  • Companies receive $8.71 for every dollar they spend on CRM (Nucleus Research)
  • 81% of Sales organizations that make their numbers consistently use CRM (Aberdeen Group)
  • Salespeople with access to data on their prospects and customers via a CRM shorten their sales cycle by 8-14% (Nucleus Research)

We see requests for creating custom CRM solutions because of these clear benefits and the need for companies to have a tool that fits their unique industry, customers, and processes. Also, if you are using the same CRM tools as your competition, you are both starting from the same point. With a custom software solution, you can capture what makes your team better and make it part of your selling process, giving you a competitive advantage.

Customer Portals: Delivering on your customer’s expectations

Customer interaction needs to be a part of every company’s digital strategy. A survey from Microsoft recently found that 90% of consumers expect a company to have a portal for customer service. Consumers are also picky about their experience while interacting with companies. Surprisingly, one in three people say they actually ended a relationship with a company because their digital interaction was not personalized to their specific needs.

A custom support portal is a proven way to deliver the interaction customers expect with the focused experience they want. Customization gives you the ability to connect to all of your data, use it to understand your customer’s needs, and then track and manage their interaction in an intelligent way. Additionally, instead of adopting the look and feel of a generic solution, you can create a user experience that matches the rest of your website.

Business Intelligence (BI): Gathering and presenting your data as actionable information

One thing that business software is good at is creating and storing data. ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, Accounting, User Support—regardless of the application, they all gather and store data. What most business software is not good at is providing a way for leadership to view that data to inform intelligent and strategic decisions. That is why the expected spend on Business Intelligence software is $56 billion for 2020, second only to what companies plan to spend on ERP, software that creates and stores all that data.

Business Intelligence refers to a broad array of software tools that extract, sort, combine, and analyze a company’s data and then present it in understandable tables and graphs. BI software provides value if it delivers actionable information to decision-makers in a way that they can understand. One key area of growth for this class of software is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to extract even more value from data.

The complexity of Business Intelligence solutions makes customization a compelling option. There are a large number of existing tools for extracting, analyzing, predicting, and displaying business data. The right custom solution will combine these tools in a way that delivers the highest value to your company.

Mobile: Interacting with customers and employees through little screens

The four types of applications mentioned above: ERP, CRM, Customer Portals, and BI, all require access by users. Employee work mostly happens at desktops through full browsers, but increasingly interaction is also happening through mobile devices. Employees are working from home or on the road, with 49% of US employees working beyond regular hours through mobile apps.

If your enterprise software is custom, you should include mobile application development in your plans. Even if you choose off-the-shelf software, you can increase the productivity of your business processes by providing a custom user experience.

Next steps: Developing and deploying the custom software your company needs

If these custom software applications resonate with you, then it is time to start planning your custom software projects for 2020. Identifying the need is the first step, and determining what you really need is the next. From there, it is a standard development and implementation workflow.

An essential part of that workflow is choosing the right development team. A partner like Zibtek that has the software developers, understanding of business processes, and project management experience required to partner with your teams efficiently, delivers solutions that work. You can find examples of projects we have completed for companies large and small by reviewing our case studies.

Digitization is real, and staying competitive involves putting the right software tools in place to give you an advantage. As you look at your technology solutions for 2020, think about why so many companies are implementing custom solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Portals, and Business Intelligence. Make sure that you have what you need in those areas, including your mobile strategy. And then evaluate the impact of more control, better user experience, and greater automation delivered through custom business software. Software that will enable you and your company to have greater success in 2020 and beyond.

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