Custom Software Development Service

Custom Software Development Service

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Affordable Custom Software Solutions for Every Industry

For custom software development services, trust a company that has been delivering incredible results for more than a decade! Zibtek develops custom software for forward-thinking businesses, helping them accelerate growth and become leaders in their field.

Custom Software Development Service
Custom Software Development Service

Custom Software Development Services

The benefits of custom software

Businesses that invest in custom software are forward thinkers, and focus on their customers more than anything else. It’s a competitive world, and capturing, and most importantly keeping customers is #1. Any platform you use, internal or customer-facing, when current, shows you embrace digital transformation, and are ready to compete more effectively.

Zibtek helps you create and enhance these customer experiences. It’s our passion.

Explore Our Case Studies

Workplace drug and alcohol screening app received universal accolades from customer.

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New ERP system developed and resulted in greatly increased customer usage & retention.

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Volley Metrics

Sports analytics application becomes the leading data metrics platform in the world.

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Custom Software Development Services
Discover the Zibtek difference

Highly trained developers


Flexible to your project scope


Easy on ypur budget

Our team creates great custom software

Our talented team has a history of providing custom software development services which help clients solve their most challenging technology problems. While high-quality code and programming are critical elements to developing custom software, the process also involves robust security systems and other powerful features. Our skilled developers have what it takes to bring your custom app to life. They’ll turn your workflow, data entry, monitoring, or any other technology challenge into a solution that lets you reach a higher level of performance, efficiency, and impact.

Custom Software Development Service
The Zibtek Approach

Zibtek offers a best-in-class custom software development service that enables you to unlock innovation and make a difference in your sector. Our low-risk and practical approach to software development is designed to propel your digital transformation and ensure a competitive edge.

Our practical agile process. The value we provide significantly and consistently outweighs the financial investment you make.We take multiple upfront steps to ensure your project stays on track and budget. No code is written until we thoroughly understand your organization’s needs, identify potential hurdles, and anticipate issues before, not after, they happen.

We stay tied to your needs and don’t build anything your business doesn’t need.

We offer different engagement models, including project-based and staff augmentation. We can fully develop your product from start to finish or extend your team quickly, so your major project stays on track.

Custom Software Application Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP): Running your business the way you want

ERP systems give decision-makers the information they need to drive innovation.
By collecting all of a company’s data in one place, ERP systems can offer significant efficiency gains.
Having all business groups in a single system enables process standardization across an organization.
One single ERP system is more cost-effective from an IT expense standpoint when compared to maintaining and integrating separate systems for each area.

Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

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Custom Software Development Services

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Custom Software Development Services

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