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The Zibtek difference is our Practical Agile software development process, where every developer on the Zibtek team follows and can support you with compelling ways to save your project budget, time, and thus optimize ROI. We are true team members with you. Yes most of our developers are off-shore, but you also work with an experienced and proven US-based project manager to ensure your needs are being met and within budget. Our developers are the most highly-trained in the world with new technologies and coding trends, to ensure your projects works not just today, but tomorrow and years from now.

The Zibtek Software Developer Advantage


Breadth Of Experience

We have experienced in many industries, such as B2B, manufacturing, health care, financial services, and many more. If necessary, We will assign the right developer with the industry category you are.

Acceleration To Market

Once you're ready to begin, our engineers are ready to step in and get started, with your required technology and languages, almost immediately.

Expertise From Leading Software Experts

The Zibtek executive team has founded and sold tech companies in their past, and you can rely on us to provide idea validation or project insights as needed, to coincide with the developers we offer. We know what it takes to build and grow software projects. Feel free to sign up for a free strategy session with us.

Cost Savings With High Productivity

Our clients have saved 6 figures in development savings over the years by working with Zibtek engineers. Because of our agile training, we help you to accelerate development, resolve bottlenecks, automate faster, and go-to-market sooner, with a high ROI.


Flexibility And Scale

You need a partner like Zibtek to deliver scalable, innovative, and competitive solutions. We know needs change over time, and our developers are right there with you to scale your development in order to meet and exceed demand as needed.

Our Backend Coding Specialities Include

.Net Developer

Looking to build high-performance mobile or Web-based applications? Zibtek provides expert, highly-skilled developers for your .NET Framework project, as it provides a consistent, object-oriented programming environment.

Whether you need .Net Core, ASP.Net, Entity Framework, ADO.Net or Xamarin, VB, C#, C++, Ms. or SQL, the Zibtek .NET developers are immediately available to start bringing you value and expertise. Plus, with our agile engagement model, you can scale up or down to meet project demand.

Python Developer

Hire the Zibtek custom Python developers for frontend/backend web and application development. Our skilled team is experienced with building apps cross-device with Python, including Django and Flask development.

As Python is a very accessible language, it has a lot of great libraries on top of it that makes your work easier. A large number of Python libraries that exist, helps to focus on more exciting things than reinventing the wheel.

PHP Developer

At Zibtek, we offer customized PHP solutions that follow your business objectives. Combining PHP server-side scripting with tightly-written HTML5, we create powerful web applications, portable APIs and dynamic websites with expansive database functions. PHP can also be used for creating client-side applications, like desktop applications.

Node JS Developer

Node.js is an ideal language for enterprise-grade applications. Hiring a Node.js developer is simple due to the fact that Node.js is part of the JavaScript stack, the most popular web technology today. Our developers provide an event-driven architecture and a non-blocking I/O API designed to optimize an application's throughput and scalability for real-time web applications

Java Developer

At Zibtek, our developers cover the entire Java eco-system create scalable and cost-efficient applications, from portals and custom dashboards to IoT frameworks. Our highly-trained development team covers the Java Enterprise Edition and associated APIs, application servers, and frameworks, which helps firms automate their workflows. From building powerful mobile and web apps to implementing full-fledged enterprise software solutions, our expert Java developers are ready to accelerate your projects and deliver custom software apps that support your business objectives.

Work Experiences

Throughout our 10+ years of experience, we have partnered with hundreds of top leading businesses throughout many different industries across 4 different countries. Each project created a customized software application that not only assisted in growth but helped better manage their business by creating an easier workflow.

At Zibtek we hire the top Agile developers who manage everything from mobile to web development to front and back-end development. You can rest assured that when hiring Zibtek you will receive English-fluent top talent from around the world that will create an unparalleled software build to help you stand out in a crowd.

Mobile Apps

When developing a high-end mobile app, you simply want the best. A company with a proven track record that creates stand-out applications that will help you rise above the competition. Zibtek utilizes the latest API’s to create all mobile apps. From Android and iOS, we’ve got you covered. You bring the ideas, we bring the code.

We've been planning and building extraordinary mobile applications for longer than 10 years and invest heavily in our methodology. We put a high level of effort into all that we do, from ERP-integrated mobile apps to educational applications that teach on-the-go. With several hundreds of mobile applications added to our repertoire we can basically speak iOS and Android, React Native, Phonegap and Hybrid Development like a first language.

Web Apps

Our custom web development services not only speed up work processes, they also boost revenue and optimize business operations.

Our web developers devote themselves to the highest caliber of engineering. Python, Javascript systems, Ruby, .Net, HTML, CSS and React, Angular and beyond. The team delivers astounding, completely responsive sites. With our responsive layout and adaptive design, your business website will adjust as your users swap from their desktop to their phone, creating a seamless transition.

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