Software Development Company

Software Development Company

Zibtek is a software development company that specializes in custom software, web and mobile applications
Software Development Company
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The Zibtek Difference

Staff Augmentation, Existing Projects

We combine our top notch coding team with PMs that act as your stategic patners

No project to too big or small for our skilled developers at zibtek

Turn ideas into reality wit zibtek - get the best developers you can afford

Why Choose Zibtek as Your

Software Development Company

At Zibtek we are committed to creating strategic software products that help our customers improve their business performance. We work with Fortune 500s and startups alike by taking a data-driven approach in order to deliver successful outcomes tailored specifically for each company’s needs.

Our team of top-tier tech experts are trained in the newest coding processes and have all of the latest tools at their disposal. Whether you need a front end developer, back end programmer, or web designer; we've got it covered!

Software Development Company

Software Development Companies

All our technicians undergo rigorous training to ensure they stay informed on cutting edge trends so your business can thrive with each new development. From full stack developers to UX designers--we’ve got all bases covered for any project big or small.

No matter the scope of your project, we provide you with a team that is not only efficient but affordable!

There’s a couple of ways customers work with a custom software development company such as Zibtek :

Top Software Development Company

Software Development Company

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a smart choice when you're looking for talented, expert developers to fill in the gaps of your projects. Whether it's short-term or long term work that needs done - we can provide rapid responses and quick turnarounds on new requests so you never have idle time without key personnel

New Development Projects

Sometimes, this is the best way to go. When you need a team that will come through on-time, on-budget and with all bases including robust testing covered - we're your people! If you want an agile process for software development success? We've got it down pat. At Zibtek, we help companies create software that drives revenue, reduces cost and transforms their business.

Custom Software Development Services Benefits

The benefits of custom software

Do you need help with a short-term project and don't want to hire full time staff? Have specific coding needs that need met immediately or in the future? Need someone who is available 100% of the time, has great work ethic, quick responses as needed. Staff augmentation offers all these things!

Software Development Company

Why Invest in Zibtek as your Software Development Company

Software Development Company

Investing in custom software development can be daunting for any business—even more so if you don’t have the network of specialized developers to work on everything. That’s where we come in and deliver the solution for you. With the firm belief that the more you know about custom software, the less intimidating the process will be, here are 3 key things to know before you dive in.

It’s a great investment when you want to create an app that: is truly innovative, gives you a competitive edge, and is engineered to meet your business’s specific needs.

It can redefine your business and support your digital transformation goals, helping you build for the present but plan for the future.

It’s only as good as the results it delivers. And by doing the proper planning, developing, and testing we’ll deliver excellent software solutions for you to fit your needs.

Custom Software Development Company

But maybe the most important thing you need to know is this :

To get the hoped-for results from your custom software or app, you need a software development company to work with and partner with who has the requisite experience to take your business to the next level.

Are you leveraging the power of digital solutions to stay competitive? Zibtek delivers software solutions for companies across dozens of industries. Our proven process paired with experienced teams allows us to deliver universally better custom software outcomes for our clients. We have the tools, techniques, and talent it takes to solve unique business challenges while achieving measurable results.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom software development or want to discuss a possible project, Zibtek is here to help.

Software Development Company

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