Volley Metrics

Sports analytics application becomes the leading data metrics platform in the world.


Volleyball Analytics Application

Volley Metrics allows users to analyze volleyball data in more functional and meaningful ways through the use of advanced analytics. Better data means elite coaches can enhance every player on the court’s performance. What isn’t measured can’t be tracked and can’t be improved.

Volleymetrics helps sports programs around the world achieve their goals, change the way they approach training and transform the way they think about volleyball. Leagues are able to share information, enforce their rules, while giving coaches access to hundreds of matches. Player data is accessible in a global database that helps facilitate data driven recruiting.

The solution required several layers of custom software application development across multiple technologies. Movement on the court is tracked with the use of smart cameras that capture every movement, volley, across multiple angles. Recordings are then uploaded to the cloud where further automatic analysis occurs. The platform also allows users to stream and distribute video content from a secure, always on platform.


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  • The solution required a web and mobile application development company that could operate across multiple technological domains at the same time. As opposed to hiring an IOT development company, a mobile app development company and a web development company the firm selected Zibtek to serve as a single resource to tackle the unified problem.
  • Capturing data accurately with video is difficult, but the solution required accurate capture to truly add value and be used at the highest professional level.
  • Gathering player data accurately required formalized rounds of testing for IOT development.
  • Training tools are at the core of the application. In one use case, players can be tagged with a note requiring or encouraging their individual review of a play or movement.


  • To build a robust data device capture system we elected to use Java as the core of the smart camera application to create reusability in the codebase assuming device obsolescence.
  • Web and mobile applications were developed using the latest and greatest web and mobile development frameworks.


  • Volley Metrics has become the leading volleyball data analytics platform in the world.
  • Volley Metrics has been implemented by the US Women's National Team to guide player development.

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