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New ERP system developed and resulted in greatly increased customer usage & retention.


Modular Store Fixture Products And Accessories

OPTO International has been a leader in the retail design industry for more than 35 years. They supply display cases, shelving and storage materials for businesses. Through the years, the company has served clients in more than 20 countries. OPTO has succeeded as an industry leader by designing fixtures to match the latest trends in the market and their clients' unique needs.

Manufacturing authentic fixture designs with the principles of quality, durability, flexibility, and innovation is their motto. OPTO works towards achieving this with each and every client they collaborate with. With their manufacturing base is in the United States, they construct fixtures from locally sourced materials of the highest quality.

OPTO’s team of designers and engineers also provide service and modern display solutions that are personalized and customized for their clients.

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  • The client's was taking orders manually and leveraging a written process for order and inventory management. Numerous off the shelf ERP solutions were evaluated but no single solution covered all of the business's needs. As a result, the firm decided to hire a custom software development services firm to build a custom web based ERP solution.
  • Their marketing website was also stale and needed to be redesigned and re-launched.
  • The design of a new application and redesign of the marketing website presented several UI and UX challenges. The product catalog had to be restructured in such a way that allowed both web locations to accurately reflected available products, their features and had the flexibility to add new products.
  • To accommodate growth, the client needed a system that would help match customer orders with inventory management orders of supplies.
  • Various client billing systems needed to be integrated into the tool to allow for a seamless experience for vendors and suppliers. The overarching objective was to consolidate as much manual work into the tool as possible.


  • As the company had no in-house engineering team, the client evaluated the top software development companies in the market and selected Zibtek.
  • We designed the ERP system and revisited plans for the marketing website. Considerable time was spent on the architecture and user journey to align the website & content with their business requirements.
  • Marketing automation functionality like lead capture was built into the application in order to further enhance the firm’s ability to streamline order and company data capture.
  • We redefined the process for adding new content. Catalog changes were made seamless and structured to be responsive from the admin panel.
  • Visually, the style sheet and content layout and structure were given a modern look.


  • OPTO has become one of the leading companies in the field of retail fixture providers, and it attributes a lot of its success to its redesigned website.
  • Despite the persistent decline in retail, OPTO has grown consistently over the years and has helped its customers save time and money with its unique system.
  • To drive the best customer experience possible, the company has since added additional tools and enhancements to the platform.

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