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Intro to Zibtek's ASP.NET Development Services

Hey, we are glad you made it to this page on our website. We put a lot of time into each page to be as helpful as possible; now you are here!

First, we have compiled some FAQs that help you garner hard-earned lessons from hundreds of projects, thousands of deployments, and a few nerve-racking outages(which probably taught us the most).

Second, check out our home page to learn more about who we are and what we do. But in short, we have two offices, one in Draper, UT, and one in Bangalore, India. All our people are full-time employees, not contractors. Having a real legal entity in India has allowed us full control over incentives and performance plans, drastically increasing the quality of our engineering.

With 10-15 years of experience offering services and over 20 years in the tech field, we have refined our process and created an environment for success. You can read more about that on our process page or our practical agile series on our blog.

So take a look around, and if you have any questions or want to chat about our dev needs fill out our contact form or call us. We are super responsive and love learning about new products and seeing if there is a way for us to help. We don't have any salespeople, so you will get in touch with a project manager directly with a ton of experience running real-world projects.

asp net development services

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Frequently Asked Questions About ASP.NET Development Services


What factors should you consider when choosing an ASP.NET development company for building robust applications?

Here is what I think:

    First and foremost, choose someone you trust and like to work with. We can write up all the cliche answers like testimonials, expertise, and case studies but life is short. Pick a group you really like and enjoy.

    Then after that, make sure they have experience that makes sense and fits with you and your product. Tell them up front where you would like to improve as a development team and see if they have answers and solutions that resonate with you.

The best way to see if their skills fit into your team is to give it a try. We always brainstorm small ways to get started with folks, like design, a POC, or smaller fixed milestones. No upfront analysis tells you what a smaller 40-hour engagement reveals. If that goes well, we can move into a longer-term staff augmentation engagement.


Can you shed light on the key differentiators of specialized ASP.NET programmers in application development?

When I think of specialized devs, I tend to think of someone who has dedicated their career to one area of expertise. With .NET, this seems to be more critical. I can find a developer who knows PHP but has also done Java and can be good at both. That is almost universally not true when it comes to .NET.  The devs that are good are the ones who exclusively commit to the Microsoft ecosystem. They know the IDE, and they see how all of the other MS products work together, and that specialization makes all the difference in terms of quality and speed of the development on a .NET project.


How does ASP.NET development outsourcing unleash benefits for businesses?

Even before I started Zibtek I was curious about how to get more bang for my buck . Maybe I am naturally frugal, who knows :)  However, I have spent time in four or five countries before I settled on starting my own office in India. There are brilliant engineers all over the world.  We have consistently tried to help people tap into that talent in a more deep and meaningful way. I am not against hiring devs in-house, but there is so much talent to add to your team, and we can help explore that with you, especially if you tried before and it was frustrating. We have so many improvements in our team and process over the traditional models.


In what ways does ASP.NET application development align with the dynamic needs of the modern digital landscape?

Many folks think Microsoft technologies are not very modern. Many people told me that story when I lived in Orinda, just outside San Francisco. At Zibtek, we love being a part of many different technology stacks and have learned to leverage Python, PHP, and .NET.  We have found .NET to be a powerful language with great IDEs that enable developers to debug and move quickly.  I also don’t buy into the argument that it is more expensive. Just look at server costs with AWS there really is not much difference, and server licenses are the main cost, not IDEs or laptop setups.


Can you elaborate on the holistic approach to security embedded in ASP.NET application development?

ASP.NET has a robust implementation of layers into the stack. It is pretty much required to have presentation layers and data layers.  By layering software, you can more easily implement security measures at each layer, which means any hacker would have multiple doors to get past in accessing core data. The majority of these safeguards are built into the standard development process so that engineers would have to go out of their way to leave the system exposed.  Also, at the server level there is a whole other layer of tools or add-ons for logging, like log4net, to help monitor and detect malicious behaviors.


How does the modular architecture of ASP.NET contribute to the creation of scalable and flexible web solutions?

.NET easily structures the development into modules and layers in order to scale. When we talk about scale there are several types of scalability at play. Scale in terms of how many engineers can work on the code without stepping on each othe`'rs toes or scale in speed/performance. The modular approach adopted inside the ASP.NET framework allows for all types of scalability and makes it a great fit for enterprise application development.


What benefits does hiring dedicated ASP.NET programmers bring to a project?

When trying to resource a project there are several avenues to choose from. Freelancers or one-man shows can offer highly skilled labor but are torn between multiple projects. If you have something small but very difficult they are a good choice.  If you have a lot of work to do, a dedicated developer that you can commit to is the best choice. That developer learns the entire stack, understands the context of the application, and can offer much more value in the long term and be much more cost-efficient.  We have seen that having committed devs who do not worry about whether they have work next month goes a long way in producing maintainable code because they know they will be making changes in a month or two from now on.  You can achieve this dedicated experience in-house through partnerships like Zibtek for long-staff augmentation needs.


How does outsourcing ASP.NET development provide flexibility and cost efficiency for clients?

When resourcing your development team, there are benefits and challenges to in-house versus outsourcing.  If you hire people in-house and market volatility hits, there are lots of morale challenges to hiring and firing in-house. We recently worked with a mortgage company using .NET, and the reputation in the industry for working there was terrible because of the natural ups and downs of mortgage rates.  There are also cost benefits in leveraging international talent, because, talent in the US is around $70-$150 an hour, and Developers in countries like India or the Philippines may charge between $20 and $50 per hour.


What comprehensive support and maintenance services are crucial for sustaining the success of ASP.NET applications post-development?

When it comes to maintenance and support, business owners like to think that the majority of the cost is upfront when building the house, so to speak. They are typically very disappointed to find out there are long-term costs to support any system.  Here are a few reasons why there is long-term support for software:

  • Security is a constant moving target. There are always new attacks or different ways systems are breached, so you can never leave a current piece of software alone hoping your data will be safe. This leads to the next point…

  • Your operating systems or frameworks, which surround the code you wrote, are always upgrading to be more secure and offer new features. When they change, it often affects the code you write.

  • Whatever software you are building, there are alternatives to what you are using, and there are always people chipping away at whatever is built to gain that user`'s license or usage, even`' if i`'s an internal application. Something better is always around the corner, so your app must stay fresh and current or die.

  • There are often new messages or information about verbiage that customers need to hear, learn about, or stay informed about. All of that needs to be updated in some way.

  • Business evolves and changes, which requires staying in step with the core objectives. Often that means changes to workflow or logic inside a custom application to remain helpful.

  • Lastly, hardware changes.Like an iPhone, before you know the chip or memory demands aren’t the same or better, faster hardware is available, which means moving the software or re-deploying it.  Usually, the operating system takes care of most of the upgrades. Still, once again, it is a domino effect if new hardware only works on the latest OS many times, which means upgrading to the latest frameworks and upgrading your custom code. It just trickles downhill. 

Sorry, that was a long answer to a short question. You can tell we get this question a lot from non-technical folks who are a bit wary of self-serving consultants increasing billable hours.  Truly at Zibtek, we try to be as transparent as possible and do not make up work to stay busy.  But technology is moving so rapidly that maintenance and support are inevitable needs that must be budgeted to succeed.

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