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Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment designed to build lightweight, fast, and scalable web applications. Developers have liked its features ever since Node.js launched. Being written in JavaScript, has become an exceptional choice for various applications (including real-time chat apps, social media apps, e-commerce websites, online games and more). Let Zibtek’s highly- skilled architects and developers build your robust web application with high performing features in Node.js.

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Why is Node.js a good choice for back-end development?


Two things that make Node.js exceptionally fast:

  1. Chrome V8 engine

    Node.js is built on the Chrome V8, developed by Google. Chrome V8 is a JavaScript engine designed to execute the code remarkably fast. It speeds up the development and testing process and reduces the time-to-market cycle of the application.

  2. Uses the same language on both server and client-side

    Node.js uses the same language (JavaScript) on both server and client-side. This enables a seamless exchange and synchronization of data between server-side and client-side, speeding up the development process. Also, reprocessing the code is easier and less time-consuming in Node.js as compared to other back-end services.

Node.js is empowering web applications by providing better scalability. Many industry leaders (including Yahoo, LinkedIn, PayPal, Uber and more) are using Node.js to efficiently scale their applications in order to accommodate the rising demand for their services. Node.js can effectively manage concurrent connections at the same time, making itself ideal for scalable solutions.

With Node.js, you can host your website with fewer servers, hardware, and resources. Enterprises are embracing this technology to increase the performance of their web applications with just a fraction of the hardware and resources required with other technologies. Cutting down on hardware will lower the development cost. Node.js is the most affordable and reasonable choice to build powerful web applications.

Node.js has an active and large community of developers who are investing their huge amount of effort in the further improvement and development of Node.js. Another thing that makes Node.js a great choice is the NPM package. The NPM package is the largest system of an open-source library that contains all the files that developers need for Node.js modules. The Node.js community provides built-in modules (called Node.js modules), a functionally organized JavaScript code that developers can use while building Node.js applications. It makes the work of developers much faster.

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