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How Good Is Drupal Content Management System

There are more than 16,000modules in Drupal. As a result, adding specific features to the website is not that difficult. You can think about modules as Lego blocks. You can add them to build or enhance your website online quickly. Modules support things such as CRM, social media sharing, performance, SEO, security, and a lot more.

Countless web themes are available, and you can use them to realize the vision of your company. Working on a third-party theme is pretty simple as they have great aesthetics, responsive layouts, fonts, color schemes that are adjustable, stock graphics, and more.

Using Drupal, you can scale rapidly. Starting with five pages, you can grow your website quickly to 4,000 or 5,000 pages without having to change anything. You can use the admin console to manage security parameters and the performance of the website. Websites that experience high traffic like online home for the Grammys, Nascar and the White House run on Drupal.

You are not going to get locked into recurring fees, licenses or any other hurdles when you use Drupal. This is because it is an open source software that is free. After installing the CMS files on the server, you are good to go. You can easily add eCommerce modules and integrate them with a payment gateway on Drupal..

There are also certain distributions on Drupal that are eCommerce ready. From CRM to messaging and from payment gateways to logistics handling and shopping carts, everything is available in Drupal. 'Commerce Kickstart' is the best example of these capabilities.

Creating and publishing content on Drupal is pretty easy. Depending on the permission and role that you give users, they can view, share or edit content. It gives you total control of content management. These are some reasons why you should think about using Drupal.

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