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5 Reasons to Update Your Software

Updating your organization’s software seems like one of those preventative things that everyone knows they should be doing, but it is often pushed to the back burner. While time is always in short supply in a startup environment and waiting 10 minutes to restart your computer doesn’t seem like a great use of time, it is. Whether you're installing an automated systems update from Windows or Apple, or connecting with your developer on improvements he’s made to your code, software maintenance should be a top priority for companies big and small. There are several negative side effects to having outdated programs. We’ll convince you that it's important by giving you five reasons to update your software.  

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When to Scale Your Product Management Team

You know that feeling when you’ve completely lost every ounce of bandwidth you have? You become known for being the person who has meetings on the way to their meetings. This feeling is the epitome of being the lone Product Owner who desperately needs their CEO to realize that it’s time to scale. Product Owners who experience this don’t work efficiently, as they are extremely burned out, making scaling up the product department unavoidable. It’s best to realize that your team needs to scale before there is a complete breakdown. Read on to get tips for recognizing when it’s time to scale.

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