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Why is Ruby on Rails a good choice for back-end development?

Ruby on Rails is a well supported and high-quality back-end programming language that contains everything a developer needs to build a powerful back-end solution. It is a dynamic programming language that speeds up the web development process and for many helps reduce time-to-market.

Some key point about Ruby on Rails that makes it perfect for your back-end technology

Ruby on Rails is a collection of pre-packaged code, tools, and libraries that can deliver more functionality and features in less time. With ROR’s standard structure for web applications, it makes the engineering process fast and seamless in the early stages of development. Ruby on Rails has many ready-made plugins or ‘gems’ and modules that enable developers to build robust applications faster than most conventional back-end frameworks available on the market.

Ruby on Rails is a scalable solution. Many well-known brands make use of Ruby as their core programming language and have efficiently scaled major components of their architecture around the technology. Ruby on Rails is a proven technology that can be used to build highly scalable applications supporting hundreds or thousands of concurrent users. The scalability of Ruby can enable your application to run smoothly as your business grows.

Security is a crucial concern for any organization. Due to the nature of Ruby on Rail's large community of developers, the solutions to many otherwise common vulnerabilities are well documented, allowing security functions to be easily built into a Ruby application to secure it.

Ruby on Rails has many useful features including mocking, expectation syntax and test benchmarking that help developer and quality assurance teams test the application easily and effectively. Ruby on Rails has a stated objective of trying to make programming fun. The syntax required for Ruby development is slightly more loose than other programming languages allowing for faster development in early and minimum viable product stages. As a result, early versions of Ruby applications allow developers to focus on feature development over the consistent structure.

Ruby is open-source, meaning that there are no licensing fees to use it within your programs. This structure makes Ruby development one of the more affordable and reasonable choices for back-end development for enterprises. Ruby on Rails, with the help of RubyGems, allows developers to build a variety of features without writing a lot of code. RubyGems can be easily downloaded from GitHub and other sources and are shared extensively around the net.

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