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MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Development Company

A MEAN stack development company works with the MEAN stack software bundle as it provides developers with the building blocks they need to create groundbreaking, feature-rich, and dynamic websites and mobile web applications. As part of our Agile method processes, MEAN Stack allows Zibtek to build efficient and effective hybrid apps, regardless of your business niche or scale.

MEAN Stack Development Company

What’s The Meaning of MEAN?

Before you bring on a company to do MEAN stack development services for you, it’s important to understand that MEAN is the perfect fusion of four powerful frameworks:

  • MongoDB allows for effective data management for websites.
  • Express.js is specially designed for multipage and hybrid web applications.
  • AngularJS helps in solving multiple developmental issues, providing a domain-specific framework for powerful directives.
  • Node.js enables us to write the server application that’s built with scalable technologies.

Coined in 2013 by MongoDB’s Valeri Karpov, the term “MEAN Stack” simply refers to the four technologies that make up the layers of the “stack.”

MEAN Stack Development Services Company

MEAN Stack Development Company

As a MEAN stack development company, Zibtek’s highly experienced developers work hard to design the smoothest and sleekest apps for your business. Whether you want real-time applications powered by NoSQL and MongoDB or AngularJS based web apps, our team can deliver them in less time than you imagined.

MEAN Development


Seasoned developers love MEAN development because it enables them to create simple and open-source solutions using only one programming language, JavaScript. It’s been used to build applications for PayPal, Netflix, The Weather Channel, Forbes, Gmail, and more.
Other advantages include:

Effortless Swapping Between Client and Server

Because MEAN stack development uses a single language, JavaScript, developers can execute projects with this formula application and deploy web applications immediately on a server, avoiding deployment to a stand-alone server first.

Open Source Components

All four components of this language are open source, meaning they’re available for free for developers to build robust solutions and applications.

Time and Cost-Effective:

Open source components keep costs low while the substantial directory of modules libraries in Node.js. keep developers from having to create modules from scratch. The automatic testing feature means developers receive immediate notification of any errors, which they can rectify in real-time.

MEAN Stack Development Company

MEAN Stack Development Company

MEAN Developmen
Maximum Flexibility

One of the benefits of MEAN stack development services is that the programmers work with languages that are highly flexible during web application development, with developers able to easily and quickly add new aspects during development and post-development. And Zibtek also works with a variety of other frameworks for creating web based applications like ASP.NET. If you’re looking for an ASP NET development company then we can talk about that too.

Harmonious with the Cloud

MongoDB makes MEAN Stack development highly compatible with the cloud, providing benefits like automatic replication and easy testing and deployment.

MEAN Stack Development Companies

JavaScript Object Notation

MEAN uses JSON or JavaScript Object Notation to easily store documents in the JSON format. Developers and clients can send and retrieve JSON-formatted documents, which can have any number of nested fields, making MongoDB well-suited to rapid application development and fast-changing requirements.

Worldwide Community Support

Because JavaScript is a universal programming language, it has a vast global community of developers, experts, and leaders, who provide constant support to one another.

MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Development Company

Why Choose Zibtek for MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Development Services

Because it’s scalable and can handle large numbers of users simultaneously, MEAN stack development companies are able to build great applications with it. MEAN Stack is a preferred choice for cloud-native apps, including expense-tracking apps, news aggregation sites, and mapping and location apps. Zibtek uses this software bundle to build dynamic websites and apps for a broad range of industries and businesses. We’re confident we can do the same for you.

Are You Looking For A MEAN Stack Developer?

Should You Use MEAN Stack For Back End Development?

MongoDB: It is an open source and NoSQL database that uses a model which is known as a document-oriented data model. Instead of rows and tables, this particular architecture uses documents and collections. The advantage of this database is that it is quite scalable as it can handle large volumes of data with its unique architecture.

Express: Google has developed and maintains this particular JavaScript framework. It allows you to develop a website rapidly. This makes it possible for you to create a single page web app with this specific framework. Since it's structure is modular the development, as well as testing, is now simplified. It permits you to scale quickly.

Angular JS: This is a server-side JavaScript framework that is lightweight. Since it is part of the MEAN stack, developers use it primarily with Node.js. It helps in simplifying the process of development. Developers use it in writing applications that are secure, fast and modular.

Node JS: This is a runtime that is built using JavaScript and is developed using the V8 engine of Chrome. Compiling source code from JavaScript to Native Machine code is possible when you are using Node.js. It’s also common to create scalable and high-performance web apps using Node.js. Since it has so many open-source components and libraries, Node.js offers a large ecosystem for development.

It is true that each of these systems can provide a solution that is standalone; bundling them together can bring a lot of additional advantages. Here is a quick list of benefits of using these tools together:

On Time Delivery

We deliver all our projects within the timeline and with great quality.

Experienced Team

We have group of architects, developers and testers having decades of experience.

Premium Code Quality

We make sure the code is always of high quality and optimized.

Development Sprints

All the work is put into the project management tool of your choice and we communicate regularly on IM like Slack.