Are You Looking For Java Developer?

Why Use Java For Your Application?

Java is great for applications that need to work on many platforms. Java is compiled into “Java bytecode,” an instruction set that can be interpreted by a Java virtual machine (JVM). This means that any computer or device can run Java code as long as it has a JVM. In other words, Java applications can be used on Windows, Linux, or Mac computers, as well as mobile devices. Better yet, Java is used for a range of projects from mobile applications and applets to fully custom enterprise applications.

Java stands out from other programming languages due to the security functionality that’s built into the language. It boasts security features like cryptography, authentication and access control, secure communications, and public key infrastructure (PKI). These features provide a safe platform for developers to build and run secure applications with good security practices, like single sign-on and authentication. Many of the APIs that are included enable developers to deliver lighting fast checking/validation with PKI and secure communication protocols. Plus, Java runs in a “sandbox” environment that is completely contained,\ so there is no risk to or from the outside.

When Java is written correctly it can be up to 10 times faster than other popular languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP. While Java used to be known as a slow language, numerous improvements have been made to it over the years—as well as to the JVM—that have helped to increase the performance drastically. It now closely competes with languages that are compiled ahead-of-time (like C and C++) but also brings to the table other benefits such as security and versatility.

While Java is known as a language that makes scaling applications easy, it’s not due to the language itself. Java is scalable because of the platform and community surrounding it. Java is old in terms of programming languages—it’s been around since the 90s. That means that there have been countless libraries, components, and well-established scaling patterns that have been created over time. A good Java developer knows these tools and patterns and will leverage them when building your application.

What should you look for in a Java development company?

A software engineer who is experienced in Java will be familiar with good programming patterns and a plethora of libraries and tools. He or she will be able to immediately get to work. Inexperienced programmers often make mistakes and write sloppy, unmaintainable, and buggy code. Look for a company that employs programmers who have been working in Java for a long time (the language has been around since 1995, after all) and have many projects under their belts. Read company reviews and find out if they have completed any Java projects similar to yours.

A programmer isn’t worth their code if they can’t communicate with their clients. They might build you the most beautiful and lightning-fast application, but if it doesn’t hit your key business requirements it’s useless. Communication is vital for the success of a custom software project. You must be able to communicate your needs and the programmer needs to thoroughly understand them and then continuously update you on timeline, additional questions, and anything else.

The last thing you want when working with a development company is for them to build you a shiny new product and then run out the door, never to be heard from again. Custom programs are like babies. They need nurturing, continuous care, and attention. As the application runs, bugs and shortcomings will become apparent. Who better to attend to these needs than the parent (okay, programmer)? Look for a company that prides themselves in their ongoing support of projects they’ve completed. That’s a sign that they care about their customers and their work far more than just a paycheck

Remember how one of the key benefits of using Java for a software project is that it’s fast? Well, Java isn’t just fast all on its own. It takes an experienced programmer with a thorough understanding of memory management, complex algorithms, and performance tools (like the StringBuilder class) to make a Java application work like a charm. When finding the right company to build your custom Java software, ask the programmers how they make their programs efficient.

Is Java Right For You?

If you’re looking for web development, mobile app development, or custom software development that is versatile, robust, secure, fast, and scalable, then Java could be the right choice for you.

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