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Is Developing the Backend With Python the Best for Your Product?

Python app development has advanced the entire mobile and web application development approach to a whole new level. For instance, if certain aspects of the project need revision, then the development team can take care of it easily. But, when it comes to the languages (C++ and Java), making any significant changes to the website is not as seamless as it is with Python. When the application is written in Python it makes it easy to rework any changes and is quite affordable. Also, Python has a wide variety of frameworks and libraries, enabling developers to build powerful applications. It supports cross-platform developments, making itself a favorable choice among developers.

If you are working on a stipulated budget and are keen on launching the product soon, you should pick the right language. The choice becomes a lot more critical when the project is big and complex. The best option that you have is often Python as it allows you to quickly build the product using little code.

Python is one of the best scripting languages we have today. If there is a change in the coding, designs, as well as requirements, you can fix the problem easily by changing the code in Python.

A developer who is proficient in Python will know how to surpass all the architectural bottlenecks that might arise. At Zibtek, we have that expertise to assist you on this journey.



Django brands itself as “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”. It is a free and open-source Python framework that enables engineers to build amazing web applications in a shorter period of time. In line with the opinionated nature of Python code, there is a right way to do things in Django meaning engineers can get on the same page more quickly. Django offers incredible out of the box security, versatility, scalability, and flexibility.



Flask is a microframework (meaning minimalistic web application framework) that is as a beginner framework and provides flexibility not found in Django. With the Flask framework, building apps is simple, fun, and manageable. In contrast to the Django framework, Flask uses very little boilerplate code (meaning the section of code that developers include in various places of the app with little to no alteration) to get the apps up and running. This, in turn, makes Flask a great choice for beginners. Flask is mainly used for small and lightweight applications that have simple hardware and software requirements.

Big well-known companies using Python

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  • Netflix has used Python in most of its application modules and components
  • Facebook and Instagram have used Python to deal with data analysis and data processing needs and statistical analysis
  • Spotify has used Python for data analysis in its back-end
  • Reddit is broadly written in Python
  • Google is the founder and progenitor of Python, relying on much of it for its core infrastructure

Reasons why Python is suitable for businesses

  • Due to its vast and open-source libraries and available frameworks, python enables developers to build a wide variety of high-quality applications quickly
  • Python is a versatile language. Applications written in Python can easily be scaled to meet heavy user load while remaining flexible enough to enhance in the future
  • Python is simple and easy to learn and understand. Due to its simplicity, clean syntax, and low-learning curve, it is the favorite language among new developers, data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning scientists. With Python, you can speed up your development process and reduce time-to-market
  • Python has an extensive open-source ecosystem, offering engineers a wide range of free and open-source toolkits to pull down and save time. Its standard library is expanding faster than most other programming languages. This makes Python a cost-effective approach among enterprises

Pros of Python

  • Highly scalable

    Python facilitates versatility, enabling developers to handle various tasks of different sizes ranging from web applications to data science and artificial intelligence

  • Vast library and frameworks

    As an open-source language, Python offers a wide range of ready-made libraries and frameworks for free. Developers can use these libraries and frameworks to build powerful software quickly and cost-effectively. This, in turn, reduces the development cost for the enterprises

  • Easy to learn and understand

    Python is one of the most easily understandable languages. It is easy to use and learn because of it’s clean, structured syntax. Its code is similar to the English language and highly readable. This, in turn, makes its writing process highly intuitive

  • Extensive open-source environment

    All the modern versions of Python are certified by the Open Source Initiative and copyrighted under a GPL compatible license. This means engineers can take advantage of Python’s ecosystem without paying any subscription fees

  • Adapting a legacy system is easier with Python

    Python versioning is generally simple, allowing developers to make gradual shifts from the old legacy systems to modern systems, without requiring developers to fully refactor and rewrite the code

  • Code readability

    Python follows the indentation process. In Python, engineers just need to take care of the indentation. The indentation format of Python increases its code readability

  • Wide range of libraries

    Python comes with a wide range of libraries for artificial intelligence and machine learning. The most well-known libraries include TensorFlow, Pytorch (neural-network library for deep-learning), matplotlib, scikit (data visualization library), Scikit-learn (library for data analysis, data mining, and machine learning)

  • Python is more popular for scientific and number-crunching applications

    Python has been popularized because of its practical use in numeric and scientific applications, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more

The cons of python

  • Speed Limitations

    Python is an interpreted language that compiles the code and executes it simultaneously, line-by-line, displaying the error of each line of code one by one

  • Mobile Development

    Python is not a very good language for mobile development and not natively structured to do so. It is rarely used for mobile development in favor of Java and Swift. This is the reason very few mobile applications are built in it like Carbonnelle, which is built-in python

  • Memory Consumption

    Python is not a good choice for memory-intensive tasks. Python’s memory consumption is typically higher than languages such as Node.js

The interest in python and the number of searches have materially increased over time. In recent years, searches for python have eclipsed searches for Java, .Net and similar programming languages used across both enterprise and small applications.


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