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How Big Companies Do Developer Interviews & What Works

So you got an interview with Google. Nice work! Google, amongst other big tech companies like Amazon and Facebook take the best of the best so even getting to interview is a huge accomplishment. That said, it’s not a walk in the park for even the best engineers… While you may walk into the office super prepped and self actualized, the moment you’re asked to whiteboard with a tenured Google Product Manager you might feel a little different. Just try not to pee you pants, ok?

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How to Effectively Manage Multiple Developers on the Same Project

When you go out to eat, it is highly likely that more than one person had a hand (literally) in creating your dish. Prep chefs are the first hands on your meal–cutting vegetables, trimming meat or baking bread. Next, an expediter will call in your order once it’s received from the server to alert the cooks of what’s coming up that they’ll need to prepare. Then, line cooks or sous chefs will grab the necessary prepped ingredients, season them and take them to the flame! Once all the ingredients are cooked to perfection, the head chef will masterfully plate your meal with artistic flare and make sure your items are the correct temperature. Once it’s ready to be devoured, your server will be beckoned by the kitchen to deliver your meal. How does it taste? Amazing! It had better taste good for a $40 entree…

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A Trip to Our India-based Office

Every year, our US team takes at least two trips to our India-based office in Pune, Maharashtra, India. This trip has been a long-standing tradition for our CEO, Cache Merrill and has become a favorite for several other members of our US team. While the teams talk online everyday, it’s nice to get everyone together in person to talk about client projects, plans for Zibtek’s future, and to enjoy some lassi on the beach.

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