9 ways to improve your company’s CRM system

Companies using CRM should know how they can improve their CRM system. Employees play a major role here in making improvements and realizing a return on investment (ROI). People working for the sales and marketing team need to focus on every possible way that they can improve their CRM. Applying all the factors outlined below […]

How to make software development work for your business

For businesses, delivering quality products and services to the customers is their primary goal. But, they may face many issues in the software development process–from the requirement gathering phase to releasing the software in production. If you want to develop high-quality software in less time, it is important for you to understand the following: Software […]

CRM in 2019 and beyond

Before the 1990s, the markets were product and service centric. Following the widespread introduction of the internet, things changed. Customers started demanding more products in the 2000s as they were more educated and aware. The internet also started growing more rapidly and helped in increasing customer choice. Businesses and brands listen to customers and make […]

7 common ERP mistakes and how to avoid them

ERP systems help businesses to maintain a competitive edge in an era of technological advancement. But implementing an ERP system is challenging. To overcome this challenge, below are:   ERP mistakes that IT executives commonly make while choosing, deploying, and implementing an ERP system. Suggestions for you to avoid making these mistakes.   Mistake no. […]

Top open-source ERP systems to consider

        Every business has unique objectives, business processes, and requirements. Today’s businesses are looking for ERP implementations to synchronize all information and functions within the organization. We have listed top open-source ERP systems that will help you to improve your internal business process and overall business performance.   1. Dolibarr Dolibarr ERP system provides complete […]

Everything you need to know about Angular

Origin of Angular For developers, building great and scalable applications quickly is a key challenge. Enterprises are looking for a robust framework to simplify the development and testing process. To provide a complete enterprise solution, Google developed an open-source front-end web application framework known as Angular. With Angular, developers can build dynamic and modern web […]