Telehealth Software Development Company

Telehealth Software Development Company

Innovative telehealth dev solutions to deliver the right care, at the right time.

Zibtek provides custom HIPAA compliant telemedicine software development services for clinics, hospitals and healthcare startups.

Convenient, secure, and Collaborative Remote Care for Patients

We offer custom telehealth software development involving connected devices and data encryption for web and mobile applications designed to be ancillary service to doctors from primary care to urgent care.

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Telehealth Software Development Company

Telehealth Software Development

Safe and increasingly rapid access to healthcare is a goal of every consumer. Zibtek provides telehealth software development services. As a web and mobile development company, we have provided IT staff augmentation services for medical providers and insurers and guidance to build out their digital platforms.

Zibtek’s experience developing custom software applications for the medical industry includes telehealth solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Custom software applications in the healthcare arena have included praxis in ophthalmology, oncology, dentistry, general pediatrics and statistical applications for diagnosis, communication and medical surveys in a baa and HIPAA compliant manner. Solutions developed included custom telehealth application development.

Why Telehealth Software

Enhance Patient Satisfaction And Results

Patient Satisfaction

More personalized service

Enhance patient satisfaction and results

Build more personalized service with telemedicine software for hospitals and clinicians to reduce cost and patient wait times.

Video Consultation

Streamline operations

Video Consultation for Physicians

Streamline operations and significantly reduce follow-up scheduling efforts for your patients and help them connect virtually with your doctors via a telemedicine app

Medical Record

Telehealth apps

Maintaining Medical Record

Telehealth apps help practitioners access and effectively store medical data for better treatment and rapid access.

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