Backend Development Services

At Zibtek, we understand that back-end development is the heart of the application. We can provide you a robust, scalable, secure and high-performance back-end solution for your software, web and mobile applications. To deliver an outstanding back-end solution to you, our developers rely on both stable and cutting-edge development methodologies.

Ruby on Rails

The Ruby on Rails development team at Zibtek has been a pioneer in creating innovative and world-class web applications and supporting the Ruby community and open source development.


Zibtek offers full cycle Java Application Development, maintenance and support, product development and entire web service management for sectors like healthcare, finance retail, telecommunication, etc.

Node. Js

Earlier, JavaScript was acknowledged as an ideal platform for frontend development and frameworks like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python and more were preferred for backend development.


MEAN Stack is a software bundle that helps software developers build hybrid apps that are quite efficient as well as effective.

ASP .Net

Zibtek's high quality ASP.NET development capability has helped many companies address business challenges like exponential data growth, high usability expectations and critical performance requirements.


With PHP you get the scalability, flexibility and security in your products. From Zibtek you get the proven PHP Web Development Services with the modern trends and features delivering the development of your dreams!


Counted among the best custom Python web development companies in India and US, Zibtek covers a wide array of Python web app development services that include: Custom Python Development, Enterprise Oriented Solutions, Python Machine Learning, Python Support & Maintenance.


Frontend Development Services

Counted among the best Front-end development companies in the US. Zibtek offers frontend architecture & design services to build engaging user experiences using cutting-edge technologies. Our team of experienced front-end developers help create user friendly interfaces based on the latest industry trends leverage Zibtek’s full stack front-end expertise to create innovative, human-centric, and goal-oriented web & mobile solutions.

Angular JS

Get highly scalable, customized single page applications from the best AngularJS development company. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google..

React Native

At Zibtek our React Native services cover the entire range of development, right from designing an intuitive UI, developing cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms to customizing the mobile application Our React Native development experts have a strong understanding of React Native API library to fast-pace development.

React JS

We are a top React JS development company based in the USA. Our React JS development services includes web app development based on custom bootstrapped components, API integration with React JS application as well as complete UI development with React JS.


Mobile App Development Services

With hundreds of successful mobile projects under our belt, we offer full-cycle mobile app development services tailored to your business needs. From ideation to publishing — we have you covered. Zibtek brings together senior-level mobile app development experts — including business analysts, UX specialists and developers — who are well-versed in building both native and cross-platform apps. Whether it is your 1st app or 2nd, our 10+ years of expertise in mobile app development will help you succeed with your mobile strategy.


Ranked as one of the top iOS app development companies in USA. Zibtek develops iPhone and iPad apps with performance in mind.We develop both story bounding and progrmatically.


Android app developers have strong command on Kotlin, Java, C, C++ HTML, and CSS to develop high-end Android apps for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and Android TVs.

Smart TV

Zibtek’s Smart TV app development capabilities enables e-commerce, e-learning, OTT platforms and many other domains foray into the Television space with Smart TV, live Streaming, e-commerce and VOD applications.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid app development requires just one code base for multiple platforms. Our hybrid mobile app developers can build an app once and then use a bridging technology such as Ionic, submit the app to the Appstore and Playstore. Hybrid apps can be immediately distributed across app stores as they are easier and faster to develop and deploy.You can skip the costs associated with developing two different versions for Android and iOS.


Web Content Management Services

Zibtek’s content management implementation services are aimed at creating digital presence on one or more online channels – web, social or mobile and customizing portals and online initiatives of enterprises spread across different verticals ensuring right blend of technology, creativity and business logic. We help companies create personalized content channels to showcase the most relevant information to each customer segment.Right information delivery to right audience at the right time can be the deciding factor between a winning company and a losing company.


CMS can be a powerful tool to manage your business processes. With Drupal, we enable all sorts of businesses, organizations and start-ups to customize and manage their web presence through effective content management processes.


Zibtek has experience bringing WorPress to the next level for clients through the right add-ons and customization.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager Sites provides the digital foundation you need to swiftly create, manage and deliver personalized, engaging content to every customer who visits your site.


Big Data & Analytics Services

Zibtek’s specialists have pioneered big data analytics solutions for leading organizations around the world. We offer complete services to help you harness the immense power that Big Data holds. We have the expertise in big data tools and processes to derive actionable insights from mountains of disparate data that enterprises collect each day. Our specialists have pioneered big data analytics solutions for leading organizations around the world and we offer complete services to help you harness the power of your big data.

Big Data

At Zibtek we have have built capabilities around Big Data Development services from ETL, data processing, compute, data orchestration, visualization, reporting, analytics, advanced and predictive analytics, data modelling and data science. Leveraging these capabilities, we offer end to end Big Data and Data Engineering services.We have helped many enterprises to build their data management and analytics platforms using open source as well as cloud-based big data solutions such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon Kinesis, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Dataproc.

Data Science & Analytics

Leverage Zibtek’s experienced data scientists and big data analytics experts to implement advanced models and algorithms that separate the signals from the noise, discover patterns in the data, and provide predictive insights. We are skilled in machine learning, natural language processing, enterprise search and advanced statistical and mathematical decision science. We are experienced in a broad range of industries such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, travel and entertainment, digital media, healthcare, manufacturing and others.

Natural Language Processing

NLP has become an essential tool for many new business functions, from Chabots and question answering systems to sentiment analysis, compliance monitoring, medical insights, and BI and analytics of unstructured and semi-structured content. Zibtek’s Natural Language Processing services cover a range of needs, from data acquisition and processing to analytics, entity extraction, fact extraction, and question answering systems.


Blockchain Application

Zibtek is known for providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses worldwide. Knowing the potential and addressing the demand of our customers, we have built in-house competency to realize the fullpotential of this revolutionary technology. Leverage the benefits of blockchain technology with Zibtek – a proven and top blockchain application development services company.

Blockchain Application

Zibtek has been known for providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses worldwide. Knowing the potential and addressing the demand of our customers, we have built in-house competency to realize the fullpotential of this revolutionary technology. Leverage the benefits of blockchain technology with Zibtek – a proven and top blockchain application development services company.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart contracts are virtual contracts encoded in Blockchain. It consists of a set of tasks that has self-executing nature. It can automatically keep track of the terms of an agreement and enable every step towards its fulfilment. When hosted on the Blockchain, a smart contract cannot be altered or interfered by any party, including the two agreement holders. If changes have to be made the entire network has to be altered.Business automation is getting serious these days as cutting costs, saving time, reducing manpower workforce and executing every process in a secured way is critical. Smart Contracts have the capacity to address this niche and they are here to improve your business.

ICO Development Service

Initial Coin Offering commonly referred to as ICO is revolutionizing the emerging economic model.An alternative fundraising mechanism for startups or new project on developers to sell their crypto tokens in exchange for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Raise your Initial Coin offering with minimal steps and get guidance from Zibtek’s in-house Blockchain experts.


DevOps Implementation Services

DevOps describes a culture and set of processes that bring development and operations teams together to complete software development. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development approaches. Zibtek’s DevOps solution aims to provide agile delivery, continuous delivery and continues integration in the process of software development.


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