Web Development

We Build Fully Functional Applications For Web And Mobile

As a business owner, you know how important your online presence is. You only have one chance to make a positive impression in a busy online world.  We want to help you convert website traffic into loyal customers, trounce the competition and build something of lasting value. Our developers will ensure that vision is translated into engineered excellence. From initial proposal to finished product and post-production updates, your needs are at the center of our business model. Experienced project managers at Zibtek will work with you to understand your needs and together with our team of highly skilled developers, they can transform your ideas into a digital product, whether it is a simple website or a full throttle web application. We pride ourselves on our thorough communication. Unlike working with other web development companies, when you work with Zibtek you won’t be left with unanswered questions, unexpected bills, or poor design. Every step of the way, we will partner with you to create robust applications.

  • We’ve built (and are building) complex applications for Fortune 500 companies the world over spanning AI, Fully fledged CRM systems, Data Science, Mapping, IOT and beyond.
  • We do it by only hiring the top 1% of engineering talent. Even after our difficult screening criteria it, it takes about 70 interviews before we find that special someone. Engineers average 4 years’ experience at a minimum before they are on your project and everyone on the team has been a part of an application deployment before they are client facing.
  • We build bleeding edge web applications making use of the latest tools and frameworks. And deploy across over 75 different technologies and frameworks. With hundreds of mobile applications under our belt we know what it takes to build tailored solutions that perform.
  • Zibtek has helped many ecommerce sites launch their platforms from scratch, migrate to other platforms and better convert search engine traffic into loyal customers. You can focus on the products that make your business unique, while we handle the digital work to get your product into the hands of new customers.
  • Don’t tie your business to an outdated legacy software product that wasn’t designed for the way your company works. Zibtek has a proven track record of crafting both custom content management systems and augmenting existing CMS systems like WordPress and Drupal to transform the way your business operates.

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