E-Commerce development

At Zibtek, our motive is to empower your brands that lead to success. We exist to help our clients increase their business efficiency and sales. We can build the best eCommerce platform for you that will revolutionalize the way customer shop. We can also modernize or customize your existing eCommerce solution as per your current business operations, including the integration of CRM, ERP, CMS and more.


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Why BigCommerce for E-Commerce development?

Easy manage returns

Managing product return sometime become difficult and messy. BigCommerce provides you the ability to manage product returns seamlessly with an easy and user-friendly inventory management interface.

Mobile templates

Mobile users are increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website in order to increase your visitors to your online store. BigCommerce is built to be compatible with mobile standards. Apart from being completely mobile responsive, BigCommerce also offers visually appealing mobile themes, delivering great user experiences on tablets and smartphones.

Sell your products on various websites

With BigCommerce you can sell your products on numerous websites, including Facebook, Amazon, eBay. Enlisting your products in these eCommerce platforms will help you to increase your visitors and drive traffic to your website.

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Customer loyalty

Gaining customers’ loyalty is important for your eCommerce business. BigCommerce has the ability to generate coupon codes and gift cards. It also provides you the flexibility to distribute the cards in a way you want, giving you the freedom to streamline your marketing that will fit your business needs.

Why Zibtek for BigCommerce eCommerce development?

Secure and flexible development approach

Our certified experts rely on cutting-edge technologies to build powerful solutions for our clients. From designing and developing to delivering the application, we practice a secure and flexible approach throughout the application development cycle.


Provide error-free solutions

Our Quality Assurance team employs the best testing methodologies and tools (from unit testing to acceptance testing) in every module of the application and at every stage of the software development life cycle. We ensure the delivery of a defect-free and a perfect application.


Seamless migrations and version upgrades

We can provide you a scalable solution for your growing business. Our developers can enhance and upgrade your website or migrate your applications that will help to improve your business process and increase your business efficiency.


Client satisfaction

We understand the business needs of our clients and serve our clients’ businesses with the utmost responsibility. We work in an agile environment, where we familiarize our clients with the features we delivered after every sprint. With this, they can have hands-on experience with the application and can see their imagination being manifested as a live application. This enables us to understand our clients better.