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In a nutshell, moving specific business functions from an in-house team to a third-party is business process outsourcing. Increasingly, one of the best ways to reduce overhead costs is by outsourcing both core and non-core business functions to a third-party service provider with domain expertise. The right third-party or offshore team can materially reduce the management burden required for component parts of a business outside of a competency.

Some of the jobs that companies prefer to outsource are operations, back office clerical responsibilities, accounting functions, sales and marketing, IT Support services, customer support, and procurement. We’ve provided all of them.

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Zibtek has long-standing relationships and offshore offices staffed with skilled professionals who can provide unparalleled service at a competitive price. We are flexible and can meet your specific needs when it comes to deliverables, costs and deadlines, as well as implementing technological advancements. Some business functions to consider outsourcing with Zibtek:

We deploy experts and executives who are well trained to complete our client's projects. We eliminate problems in deliverables with experienced management. In the situations where clients choose to leverage our offshore teams, team members adjust their schedules to better assist clients. Our flexibility enables you to interact with your team more easily. We use secured VPN connectivity to safeguard our client's information.

HR related activities such as payroll administration, training, development, record-keeping and performance appraisal records all require effective teams and often a personal touch. Management of these functions can shift business focus away from core activities. Zibtek has helped firms streamline their human resources needs with our consultants and offshore talent.

Capital expenditures and operational costs are integral parts of the same whole. Many Fortune 500 firms are contracting major components of their accounting and financial operations to BPO companies. When it comes to accounting and financial outsourcing, we promise our clients confidentiality, data security, risk management, governance and efficiency.

A critical function in insurance companies. Almost all insurance companies need to maintain underwriting staff who are well trained and efficient. Tasks including review of customer credibility, cross-checking documents, reviewing bank statements and other determinate data.

We have underwriters who perform the meticulous work necessary to verify risk data, documentation and the credibility of a potential client.

Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation consulting

Need to increase the size of your team without adding to your administrative burden?

Zibtek also offers staff augmentation or subcontracting services to our clients. We can bring qualified and skilled contract workers who can pair with your internal staff throughout a project or for a an indefinite period. Staff augmentation services can accelerate hiring to achieve corporate objectives and remove the need for training new staff over acquiring skilled personnel.

Employee benefits, bonuses and health insurance are managed by the Zibtek team. Scaling your staff up or down becomes a risk free, modular activity rather than an internal sprint for your HR team. Contact us to find out more about how BPO and staff augmentation can work for you. We can help you understand your options and help you choose the model that will best fit your business needs.

You can contact us to find out more about how BPO and staff augmentation can work for you. We can help you understand your options, and you can choose the model that will work well for you and your unique business needs.

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