Upton Insurance

Upton Insurance is a compliant and insurance service provided by Upton Group, LLC


insurance service provided by Upton Group

Upton Insurance is a compliant and insurance service provided by Upton Group, LLC. It ensures that pizza delivery companies, restaurants, food couriers and sub shops are covered with compliant insurance. Upton Group, LLC, has the following divisions in the form of applications:

  • MDI (offering the solution to meet Domino’s franchise needs)

  • Pizza insurance (Specializing in pizza restaurant insurance)

  • Marcosinsurance.com (Specializing in pizza restaurant insurance)

  • Subinsurance.com (upcoming application and service, to-be-released)

Apart from covering insurance, Upton Group also helps in the onboarding process when new employees in the restaurants are hired.

Our Strategy

How we work
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Our designers work with you to define every feature, screen, and user flow

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Receive product builds every two-weeks as we add features

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We analyze user feedback to help you prioritize new features


Before the client approached us, they were maintaining all their data in MS-Excel. The problem they were facing with Excel:

  • Extremely hard to maintain data

  • Updating the data was a tedious task

  • Difficult to extract up-to-date information

They contacted us to build a customized CRM app from scratch. They have the following requirements:

  • Automated process
    1. The client wanted to automate 80% of its work- from creating the drivers’ account to upload the documents; from accepting and denying the documents by admin to sending a notification to the drivers about their documents’ approval. With MS-Excel, all these tasks were consuming so much time and effort of the employees, resulting in low business productivity. They wanted to automate their workflow to enhance their business efficiency.
    2. They wanted a hassle-free insurance process for their customers. Let’s say a driver met with an accident and broke his vehicle. He would have access to the mobile app of Upton insurance. He can click the pictures of his broken vehicle and upload that picture along with his documents on the app from his account to get the insurance done (of course, the documents need to be verified first by the admin and managers).
  • Automatic reminders: The client needed an automatic reminder feature in the application. They wanted the reminders to be sent to the admin and managers when the documents are updated or expiring.
  • Data storage security: The client wanted a secure data storage that ensures the stored data in the system is safe and compliant.
  • Keep track of Motor Vehicle Record (MVR): The client wanted to keep the track of MVRs for their customers in the application. An MVR is the documentation of a person’s driving history that is used by the insurance companies to know if the driver was convicted of driving under the influence, violated any traffic rules, etc. It is used to determine the insurance rates for drivers. The client wanted to check the MVR status of every new driver that is registering on the app in order to decide if this particular driver should be permitted to drive or not.


  • Automated the client’s business workflow using MEAN stack
    1. To build the application, our developers have used Angular for front-end development, Node.js for back-end development and Express.js for middle-tier architecture development. Using these technologies, we have designed a powerful application that has automated 80% of the client tasks. To validate the user for driving, we have automated the following process in the application:
      • Create a user (driver) account.
      • Once the account is created, the driver is provided with a checklist.
      • After this, the driver can upload the required documents.
      • Admin will review the documents and accept or deny the documents if it doesn’t match the insurance standard.
      • Then, the driver will be notified if his/her documents are approved or rejected.
      • If approved, then the driver has permission to drive.
      We also ensured that all the uploaded documents have expiration dates.
    2. We have created a hassle-free mechanism for insurance that has made the users more self-service, enhancing the customers’ satisfaction. In case of any accidents, the drivers need to log-in to the app, upload the picture of the vehicle and documents in order to apply for insurance.
  • Built-in reminder feature using Twilio REST APIs

    We incorporated a reminder feature in the CRM by using Twilio REST APIs. Now, reminders are being sent to admin and managers in case of document updation and expiration.

  • Using data security and encryption best practices, we ensured that the client’s data is secured in the application

    With the strategic use of SQL trigger and views, our developers have automated the encryption of sensitive data on the SQL server in order to keep data secure.

  • Using SQL and Express.js, our developers enabled a condition that drivers who are registering in the app should upload their MVR also.

    Our developers coded the app in a way that asks for MVR status from the drivers who are making registration in the app. The client is able to keep track of MVR status for their drivers.


  • The client is 100% satisfied by our dedication and hard work as we are able to deliver a powerful and secure CRM product that is able to take the load of thousands of concurrent users.
  • The client’s business productivity is enhanced by 60%.

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