truDigital Case Study
Overcoming Business Scaling in Time of Pandemics

truDigital Company Background

TruDigital developed an IOT device that makes creating and presenting digital signage simple and effective. The company inspires, informs, and educates employees and customers through the use of digital signage in any industry. TruDigital provides a variety of apps to share promotions or company information as well as including completely customizable widgets such as weather, statistics, or announcements. These widgets and applications can effortlessly be displayed in any location. TruDigital’s main goal is to portray their client’s message in a creative fashion by utilizing digital signage in a simple and convenient process.

Our Strategy

How we work
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Our designers work with you to define every feature, screen, and user flow

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Daily status updates and receive product builds every two-weeks as we add features

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We analyze user feedback to help you prioritize new features


  • The company was having issues regarding scaling their team with the continually changing market.
  • TruDigital faced the challenge of engineers leaving the company for higher-paying opportunities.
  • With TruDigital’s service being primarily technological-based; they needed senior talent on their team, but high-level skill in this industry can be cost-prohibitive.


  • Instead of investing time and money into hiring new employees, TruDigital was able to utilize members of Zibtek’s team who had senior-level talent for the price of a junior engineer.
  • As the company struggled through fluctuating employees, Zibtek was able to assist the company in staying at scale by providing engineers when they lacked the team members due to the wavering market and employee attrition.


  • As a result of constructing more applications in their digital screens, the company was able to immerse itself in a wide variety of marketing as well as expand its revenue.
  • During the global pandemic, the marketing industry took a hard-hit, but TruDigital was able to maintain core business operations as well as keep their team at scale with flexible cash flow through unprecedented times.

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