Testing Mom

Online test and skill-building app for children becomes a dominant player in online education.


Online Test Preparation For Pre-K To 8th Grade

Testing Mom is an online test prep and skill-building library for Pre-K to 8th Graders. The web presence serves as both an online marketplace, e-commerce store and web application with built in test questions and education tools.

The objective of the programs, services and products are to provide parents an arsenal of tools that help parents in their quest to prepare their children for testing and entry to kindergarten and beyond.

TThrough structured tools that facilitate challenges, practice, repetition and behavioral characteristics like listening, focus and perseverance the service aims to help improve cognition and performance. TestingMom.com is accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and by Accreditation International.

Testing Mom’s online curriculum is proven to achieve desired results. The web application’s online learning tools have a database of over 100,000 questions aimed at helping children better prepare for exams. Testing Mom also has an array of resources in the form of printable practice sheets and interactive games that students can download and work on.

Zibtek was engaged to provide custom mobile application development services and help the firm expand into new verticals.


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  • The client’s existing web platform had an established presence but lacked platform diversity. Within the web application, Testing Mom already had online games in place, but they were interested in venturing into the mobile app space (iOS).
  • With increased mobile device use, the company needed to become multiplatform.
  • Specifically the firm wanted to explore mobile games and had an idea of how they wanted the game to look. Focused on education, the firm did not have an in-house developer or designer who could assist them in bringing their idea to reality. The company needed a custom and mobile application development company to build a native mobile solution.
  • An additional objective of the game was a kid-friendly user experience and interface that would appeal to kids, while still remaining educational.
  • The client was also on a tight timeframe with the start of the new school year.


  • Zibtek was engaged to provide custom iOS development services as well as custom android development services.
  • Design and user interfaces were first created and approved for the mobile device format. While a hybrid application was stipulated, small proof of concept efforts were undertaken to confirm performance.
  • Ultimately, we didn’t opt for a hybrid solution as performance and fluid movement from screen to screen was a high priority for the client. The performance derived from native applications for game development outperformed what was available from other solutions.
  • To facilitate the highest performance and quality, two native platform apps were written using Swift for iOS and the latest long term release of the Java mobile SDK.
  • Preview builds were generated and shared among a small group of beta testers within the organization. Prior to launching into the mobile market, the company wanted to confirm that the assessments put forward in the mobile application format conformed to the quality standards that matched the other online formats they provided.


  • The platform was able to extend its offering for children’s education into the mobile arena in the form of games and quizzes for native devices.
  • Zibtek launched the web and mobile applications into the respective App and Play stores.
  • Testing Mom has emerged as one of the dominant players in online education space for kindergarten students.

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