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The Prompt Journal is a mobile and desktop-based application that is used to create journals with prompts


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The Prompt Journal is a mobile and desktop-based application that is used to create journals with prompts. Writing journals on paper is messy and difficult to maintain at times. The Prompt Journal app offers a lot more than the traditional way of writing journals. It lets you create journals on mobile or desktop for any events (marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, childbirth and more) or day-to-day activities. This app will also ask you certain questions about your experiences related to the event. For example, for your childbirth, it will ask you how you feel, etc. The data it gathers will get stored in the app. If you’re using the journal as a baby book, on your child’s first birthday, the app will pull out all the information it has stored from birth through the first year and send it to you. You can then get the printout of the journal.

It also includes the following features:

  • Pleasant and easy user interface

  • Reminders

  • Easy entry

  • Password protection

  • Seamless syncing (can run on multiple types of computing devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop)

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The client approached Zibtek to develop the Prompt Journal app from scratch. They wanted a high-performing app embedded with modern technologies. They also wanted an app that can simplify their business process and deliver a great experience to their customers.

The client had the following requirements:

  • Main functionalities: Client wanted us to build a powerful, flexible, scalable and robust app with the following functionalities:
    1. Create journals: To enhance users’ experience, the client wanted a ‘create journals’ feature where users can write journals. They wanted an uncluttered and minimalistic interface so that users can add journal entries easily.
    2. Push notification feature: To enhance brand awareness, the client wanted to have a push notification feature in the app that can send reminders and real-time updates to their customers regularly. The primary reason behind the push notification requirement is to target the right customers and increase conversion rates
    3. Print and preview the journals: Once the journal is created, the users should be able to preview and print journals. Client wanted to keep easy and interactive interfaces so that users can get printouts of the journals in just a few clicks without any complexities.
    4. Customization feature: The client wanted to include customization features in the app so that users can customize the journal as they want. Customize features should include: hardcover, softcover, font color, background color, insert images and more. They also wanted to have support for multiple types of journals so that users can select any journal layout of their choice.

    Also, the client wanted the app interface to be easy and pleasant in appearance so that even people with little-to-no technical knowledge can use the app easily.

  • Facilitates web crawlers through Search Engine Optimization: The client wanted an application powered by web crawler that can automatically extract relevant information from websites which in turn, saves their manpower and generates leads and revenues.
  • Cross-platform app: The client needed a cross-platform app that can work on multiple operating systems (including iOS, Android, macOS, etc.) or devices (mobile and desktop) so that users can access the application from any device.
  • Flexibility and scalable app: The client wanted us to build a flexible app so that any further enhancements and improvements in the app would not affect the current state of the application in any way. They wanted their app to be scalable enough to support hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously.


At Zibtek, we serve our client with enormous diligence. For this project, we gathered and understood the client’s requirements and gave excellent attention to every detail. To handle this project, we assembled our world-class experts from diverse backgrounds to build an amazing customized solution for the client.

The solutions we provided to meet the client’s expectations:

  • Built front-end components of the app using Angular:

    To build the application, our developers have used Angular for front-end. Using Angular modules, Angular components and declarative templates, they have developed an amazing app that contains all major functionalities including, create journals, push notifications, print and preview journals and customization features. Apart from this, we have also incorporated the security feature in the app using angular APIs that will keep the journal entries of the users secure.

  • Using a server-side rendering technique, we delivered a high-performance app that facilitates web crawlers

    Server-side rendering benefits the app in following ways:

    1. Enhances the performance of the application. This enables the application to render more quickly, meaning the app launches faster and provides users a chance to view the app layout even before it becomes fully interactive.
    2. Facilitates web crawling with the app which in turn index the application content, making the content more searchable on the web.
  • Built cross-platform app using React Native

    As required by the client, we build a cross-platform app using React Native. React Native’s generic layout system enabled us to create a single component that can run on multiple platforms and multiple operating systems. We used platform-specific style and design in our UI components. This, in turn, ensured that every user of different platforms should be served with the most elegant and stylish user interface for their platforms.

  • Built a robust back-end using Ruby-on-Rails (ROR) that ensures flexibility, security, robustness and scalability

    With the huge code libraries, pre-packaged tools, ready-made plug-ins and modules of ROR, our developers were able to deliver a flexible, secure, robust and scalable application in less time. Let’s have a look:

    1. We made sure that the application is scalable enough to run smoothly even if the client’s business grows.
    2. We built security functions on ROR application in order to develop a secure application.
    3. We ensured that the application is flexible so that developers can easily add new functionalities and features in the existing application (if enhancements are required later).
    4. Using expectation syntax, mocking and test benchmarking features of ROR, our testing engineers tested the application effectively, ensuring that the application’s robustness and quality should match our client’s expectations.


Business outcomes that we delivered for this project:
  • Following the successful delivery of the app, the business productivity of the client has increased by 50%. As a result, we are constantly scaling the application for their growing business.
  • The app has 4.7 ratings out of 5 in the App Store.
  • We delivered a powerful and amazing application to the client using a cost-effective approach. The client was extremely happy with our hard work, commitment and service.

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