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Mobile app for the construction industry automates 90% of tasks, increasing business efficiency.


Mobile Application Built To Streamline And Automate

Legacy Foundation is a mobile application built to streamline and automate the documentation process on construction sites. The purpose of this application is to simplify various tasks such as filling, submitting, saving and viewing the forms within the site.

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Our designers work with you to define every feature, screen, and user flow

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We analyze user feedback to help you prioritize new features


Before the client approached us, they were facing the following issues:

  • The client did not have the software to manage, edit, view, save and submit the documents. Since all their documents were on paper, it was difficult for them to keep track of all the documents.

The client approached us in order to build a mobile application for them. They had the following requirements that they wanted to have in the app:

They had the following requirements that they wanted to have in the app:

  • The client wanted us to build the app that
    1. Can store all their forms on the application server.
    2. Enables the client to import new forms easily.
  • They wanted to automate their workflow and eliminate manual repetitive tasks. Here is the sequence of steps they wanted us to automate in the application:
    1. Employees on the application browse and select the form.
    2. After selecting the form, they can fill the form.
    3. Once the form is filled, they can submit the form.
    4. Admin can view the forms that are submitted by employees.
  • The client needed an audit log feature in the application so that it enables them to view the history of every form. They wanted to have an audit log for each employee.
  • They also wanted the ‘Send Note’ feature in the application that enables the employees to make notes and submit those notes to the admin.


We built a powerful application for our clients that exactly met their business requirements. We have automated their workflow, enabling them to become more productive at the workplace.

  • Our developers used MEAN stack for front-end development and back-end development: Using MEAN Stack they built an app that can store all the forms in the application server and enables users to import new forms in the application easily.
  • Our developers integrated the functionality built on the MEAN stack with Flutter.. And Flutter was managed by Node.js at the backend Integrating Flutter and MEAN stack enables developers to automate the client’s repetitive tasks. Our developers have coded the app in a way that enables employees to browse and select the form, fill the form and submit the form online. After that, the admin can view the form. In this way, all their manual work has been eliminated.
  • Using REST API in MEAN stack, our developers built an ‘audit log’ and ‘send notes’ features Our developers used REST APIs to build an ‘audit log’ and ‘Send notes’ features as per the client’s requirements. Now, the admin can view the history of every form submitted by the employees. Also, employees can make and send notes to the admin using the app.


  • We delivered a robust and scalable application with an easy-to-use interface for our client that enables them to manage their documents effectively.
  • With our hard work and dedication, we are able to automate 90% of the client’s tasks, enhancing their business efficiency.

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