Mortgage Software Development Services

We provide comprehensive software solutions for automating loan and mortgage processing systems to reduce the time and energy needed for crowdfunding and loan activities. With Zibtek, you get the best out of digitizing finance.

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Leading technologists and mortgage specialists

We make custom mortgage software capable of conducting risk analysis drawing the client's full credit history, quick credit origination process, title services, and so much more....

We provide your customers with online application portals to get their information to recognize their eligibility conditions further. As we develop our applications with all the latest security features built into them, our unified cloud-based document repository is highly safe and secure.

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Technology that keeps up with you and your borrowers

Our platform is filled with a versatile feature-set to help streamline the whole process of lending. To ensure improved consumer service, we rely on brilliant automation processes!

The mortgage software platform we create means that your clients get better options with better loan estimates. To help your customers obtain hassle-free paperless loans, we also provide you an end-to-end mortgage software processing solution.

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Our Value-Added Services


Bulk Payments and Collections

Our bulk payment & collection functionality enables your customers to use their Company Internet Banking account to make their purchases and collections more efficiently. This method further eliminates the space for bookkeeping mistakes and helps you monitor both the incoming collections and outgoing payments more effectively.


Software Integration & Automation

Automate protocols to save time, resources, and mistakes, from gathering creditor information to engaging with consumers. Acquire and integrate internal and external systems data automatically into your LOS or MSP and minimize risk.


Faster Document Digitization & eSign

We help you process documentation quickly and safely, speed up audit times, ensure compliance, and allow your borrowers to remain updated with 24/7 smartphone and online access in the process. Connect our cloud-based mortgage loan management system with the thousands of mortgage practitioners and investors who achieve actual paperless performance.


Collection Module and Collection App

Our cloud-based loan processing service is developed to support payment processing for mid to large financial institutions and provide borrowers with a simplified process. Use our quick and safe collection module to simplify the process of collecting loan details and documentation from your customers.