Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile application development company

Internet usage on mobile devices is already so high that it exceeds that of desktops, and most companies realize the need to invest in a mobile application that will transfer their business to the digital world and at the same time facilitate the work of customers and employees. When it comes to the question of who builds your mobile app, there are two options – either hiring a free programmer (freelancer) or taking advantage of a mobile application development company. In the following lines we will present the advantages and disadvantages of working with freelancers and mobile application development companies:

Advantages of freelancers:
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It cannot be denied that there are some really serious and very skilled developers who have independently developed different projects, including mobile applications. There is no doubt that working with freelancers will be a cheaper investment for your business. The main advantage of this type of partnership is namely the lower prices of services. A good freelancer takes far less than most mobile application development companies, which is a major advantage if you have a limited budget for mobile application development.

Good communication between client and contractor is the basis of good results. When working with freelancers, you only communicate with them, which in other words means that you will directly transmit your desires, requirements and questions to the project contractor. If you hire a mobile application development company, this process will be done by communicating with a project manager who will in turn deliver your words to the developer team.

Disadvantages of working with freelancers:

One of the main problems in hiring a freelancer for creating your mobile app are his other projects. Very good specialists are involved in several projects at the same time and often fail to complete the assigned task in time. Companies have terms for everything, including the realization of a software product, and any delay can have an extremely negative effect on their business. When hiring a mobile application development company, the possibility of delays is significantly lower.

Working with a freelancer implies that you spend a lot of time working. With every problem that has arisen, the freelancer will turn to you for a possible solution and answer to any questions you may have. When hiring a mobile application development company, you’ll have a team of specialists who will solve most of your problems for you while you have more time for your business engagement.

When working with a single specialist, he may not have the skills to implement all the programming languages and operating methods needed to achieve the desired end-user effect of the mobile application. Freelancers often resort to the services of others if difficulties arise in the technical execution of the task. This slows the process of work and often leads to mediocre results.

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Advantages of a mobile application development company

Customers often do not know the specifics of mobile applications and the opportunities it provides. Hiring a mobile application development company to build your future mobile app actually means that a whole team of professionals will work for you. This way, you will rely on a variety of experts who are experts in different programming languages, which implies easy handling of different technical requirements or obstacles to the implementation of the final software product. Every good mobile application development company has project managers to guide the process of work for you. This advantage will allow you to focus on your own business affairs while the mobile application development company builds your app without worrying about any project changes, minor issues, and so on. Working with a professional mobile application development company ensures a smooth workflow that meets deadlines and makes detailed reports about the work done. Very often, building a mobile application takes longer, and then the mobile application development company must produce periodic reports of the work done so far. In this way, customers know exactly how the development of their future software product develops and if they need to make adjustments.

Disadvantages of a mobile application development company

The only significant disadvantage of working with mobile application development company is the higher cost you most often have to pay for your mobile application. For many years, IT companies have held higher prices than those of freelancers, but today this is no longer the case. At Zibtek, for example, we work with experts from around the world while our project managers are based in the United States. This type of work ensures professional services at an affordable price and easy communication between clients, project managers and developers.

Zibtek – a highest level mobile application development company

Zibtek is a mobile application development company that works with professionals from around the world. Our software developers work with a variety of programming languages (Nodejs, Ruby, iOs, Python, PHP, Angular, Android, Phonegar, etc.). We are ready to bring your ideas into the digital world. Our mobile application development company has many satisfied customers and that is what they have to say about us:

“Cache and his team understand what it’s like to try to get a startup off the ground. They understand what it takes to get an MVP out there as quickly as possible. They’re very flexible and will work with you, and are really a part of your team.“ – ANDY HAYFORD, CEO AT THREDCLUB”

I loved waking up and seeing what was completed last night. It made every morning feel like Christmas.” JEREMIAH DUCK, VP OF PRODUCT AT I5SERVICES

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“We worked with Zibtek and it was awesome. We finished faster than we originally anticipated and the US point of contact took the pain out of working with international engineers.” SEAN CLEMENTS, DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT AT NOVARAD

Do not postpone the opportunity to improve your business and make it easier for your customers and employees by building a mobile app! We develop individual mobile solutions and if you need them – call us, we are the right choice for a mobile application development company! Zibtek guarantees quality, professionalism and affordable prices.