Website Development Company

Website Development Company

The Internet is an immense market. If we want someone to know about us, we need to have a website. And not just a few lines and photos uploaded to WordPress but a website that wins fans after a 3-second visit. A website that customers share because of its design, functionality and exemplary design which they take as an example for their projects.

Once aware of the potential of the online world, owners of companies of all types invest money in order to bring their business into the digital world. The advantages of the Internet presence are many – an opportunity to increase customer base, greater brand recognition, easy access to the services and / or goods of your business, increased revenue and much more. Most often, the first important step taken by companies that have decided to appear on the Internet is the development of their own website. Creating a business website is not an easy task, so companies use the services of a website development company to build the future web page that has to meet the needs, aspirations and visions of any business. Once you’ve started building your own website, it’s up to you to choose the right website development company to turn your ideas into digital dimensions. There are thousands of website development companies that offer site development, but not each of them will meet your requirements, so we offer you some important tips to help you hire the right website

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Important steps when choosing a website development company

Company’s website Very often, the first thing you need to look at when choosing a website development company is its website is actually your first impression from the IT agency. The modern vision of the website development company’s website speaks a lot. If their website is well-made, it makes it easy for users to orientate in their services, and features an implemented quality design with a user friendly interface, then be assured – this website development company treats you as a potential customer seriously. If the website development company does not have a good user interface, it opens slowly and generally does not make you a good impression – then you better focus on a website development company that puts more effort into impressing its visitors.

Programming skills Each professional website development company should have specialists who have mastered different programming languages. This ensures maximum coverage of your future requirements because if the website development company does not have enough technical skills to bring your ideas into a digital version, then you will have to compromise with your future website, its design and functionality, and that should not be the case to allow it in any way. Check out what FEATURED SKILLS the professional website development company you have chosen has to offer and if they are varied (for example, php, python, java, ruby, drupal, etc), this is an excellent sign when choosing it for your needs.

Good communication One of the most important prerequisites is a job well-done is the seamless communication between the end client and the developers. It is very important for customers to be able to easily and quickly communicate their requirements, changes and questions to the work team, and each professional website development company must have project managers to take over that part of the workflow. A transparent communication between clients and programmers is very important for the end product to get quickly and seamlessly the design and functionalities you want.

Portfolio You should pay extra attention to the portfolio section of the website of the website development company that you have chosen. Realized projects speak for themselves and give a clear vision for what the website development company has done. Visit the section with customer projects that are already created and check out the finished products.

Support No matter how good the final product you received from your website development company is, it will definitely need support in the future. For this reason, make sure that your chosen website development company provides support for the already created web site. In this way, you will be guaranteed peace of mind that if you need to improve, change, and eliminate potential problems, a website development company will take care of those issues while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Affordable prices Creating a website is often complex and labor-intensive, especially if you want to have a unique product. All that implies high costs, but today there are website development companies that offer customized solutions at exceptionally affordable prices. However, every business owner who has decided to invest in a website, has a budget and has to comply with it. Once you have submitted your requirements to the website development company, discuss the final price well and emphasize on whether there will be additional costs for the project and what would cause them. Be aware of how much and what exactly will you pay for.

Zibtek – a high level website development company

We, Zibtek’s team, develop customized websites for our clients. At Zibtek, we use the services of specialists from all over the world, thus significantly reducing the final price for our clients. Our project managers are based in the US, ensuring fast and easy communication between our customers and our programmers.

We have solid expertise in a variety of web technologies – from heavy JS front ends like angular, meteor, and backbone to traditional MVC frameworks like Railes, DJango, Laravel, and Yii.

We have successfully developed a large number of web projects, and here is what our happy customers have to say about us:

The Zibtek team has been amazing to work with. They are hardworking and fully committed to our success. With their help we have been able to quickly expand our business and get funding we wouldn’t have had otherwise. BUBBA PAGE, CEO AT QUOTADECK

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Loved waking up and seeing what was completed last night. It made every morning feel like Christmas. JEREMIAH DUCK, VP OF PRODUCT AT I5SERVICES

“The Zibtek team is great. Hard working and talented developers and managers give us peace of mind that work will get done.” TEMITOPE, CEO AT LASSY PROJECTS

If you want your business to have a web appearance, then trust us as a website development company that will turn your ideas into a unique, functional and user friendly website. Call us now and let’s start building your company website together.