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Founded in 2009, Zibtek is a leading software development consultancy led by industry veterans with the real world experience of starting, building, and exiting multiple companies. Your company’s drive for success in your digital transformation efforts is our core mission.

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The Zibtek Advantage

Solutions For Your Business
Solutions for your business

Your business is dynamic and needs a solution that is not one size fits all. We can help you pave the way for success by architecting and delivering solutions that fit your business needs.

Undivided Attention And Focus
Undivided attention and focus

Undivided attention and focus are the key aspects that create value. We fully utilize our proven processes to successfully take the first version of your product across the finish line.

Autonomous Sprint Team
Autonomous Sprint Team

Our thoroughly iterated engineering services reduce your time-to-market and enhance your business efficiency and productivity.

What is custom application development?

Custom software development describes the process behind designing and creating a software solution. Customized solutions are best for niche applications. This could be a specific set of users, or a unique use case. In these cases, an off-the-shelf solution (software products that are ready to go, like Microsoft office) doesn’t exist for the needs of a business.

Custom projects all follow the same phases of product development. The development team gathers the requirements. Then, the code is constructed and tested. Different coding methodologies like Agile guide the software's development.

Custom development can have many benefits for a business. Software designed with your business needs in mind allows your team to work smarter. With an integrated platform your team will become more efficient. You'll gain a competitive advantage by not using the same canned solutions as rivals. With this added efficiency and advantage, you can re-invest in your systems.

What to Look For in Custom Software Development Services

A custom software application could be what your organization needs to grow. Custom applications make sense and they're created for your unique needs—the term covers anything from a SaaS platform to an e-commerce site to a mobile app. Good custom software will scale with your business and is truly cost-effective over time.

Software development is expensive, especially when you need a customized solution. To develop software in-house you need qualified talent. A dedicated team of software developers. But, qualified talent comes with a price tag—or significant salary—attached. Talent is hard to come by. Finding the right candidate to join your team can be difficult and costly for your company.

For businesses that don't want to take on the task of hiring an entire team, outsourcing is a great option; outsourced development options vary from firm to firm. When choosing a provider to create a product for your business, there are many things to consider. First, let's talk about the software development process.

What to look for in outsourced custom software development solutions

Decided to send your software project offsite? You want to hire a customized software development company that meets your needs. Picking the right partner is important. This will save you time, money, and many headaches. Your goal is to find the right partner for your project. Here are some helpful guidelines to consider.


Proper understanding of your business needs

The point of developing custom software is to meet your exact needs. Each company has its own business processes and operations. This is something to consider when outsourcing. For some, it might be important that the firm they hire can meet in person. For that, a local company would be the best fit.

Before you hire a firm to outsource software development, make a list of your needs. This is a list of your must-haves and wants for this project. It should include things like expectations, communication styles, and requirements. Pick a firm that provides the best business value.

Proper understanding of your business needs
Realistic development timelines matching your needs and budget

Realistic development timelines matching your needs and budget

Find an offering that matches the resources your organization has. Timeline and budget are major constraints that are hard to change. A tight project timeline will limit the companies that can meet your requirements; more flexible deadlines will broaden your options. Make sure your timeline is well-defined before making a decision. Set your project deliverables and timing upfront. This will avoid disputes down the road.

Budget is another tight resource and one that's hard to get around. Cost may be a driving factor in your decision, but it shouldn't be the only factor.

Technological expertise and support

You want to hire a team that has the expertise you need and the right specializations. There are many different specializations when it comes to the software development field. Some developers are experts in certain environments or frameworks like AWS, node.js, asp.net, or Javascript. Others might specialize in types like front or backend web development, or mobile development. Within mobile apps you even have to consider Apple and Android. Find a team with the know-how that you need.

Looking through a company’s past work is a great way to assess their quality. Look at how many years of experience they have. Check case studies from past projects to see if their work is high-quality. Look at what new software they might have created. Does it have a good user experience? See if there are testimonials or reviews on their site.

You’ll also want to consider the support you might need after the application’s development. Even the most impeccable software will develop issues or bugs over time. If your team is non-technical, you'll need support after deployment. Consider choosing a firm to provide this support for your team.

Technological expertise and support

Custom software solutions for a connected world

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