Need For Custom Website Development

Why does every business need custom website development?

There is one basic rule in the business – each owner strives to save money while at the same time maximizing profit. Building an online vision begins with the company website. The creation of a business website can be achieved in two ways – an investment in custom website development or the use of templates. Many business owners are unaware of the difference between custom website development and websites created with finished templates. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of custom website development and website templates that you may not have considered.

Benefits of a website built with templates:
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Low price The biggest advantage of ready-made websites is their low cost. There are several large portals in the IT market that offer thousands of ready-made designs. The most common CMS is undoubtedly WordPress. If you’ve decided to invest a small amount of money in building a business website, then the ready-made template will be best suited to the amount of investment you have. The problem is that in order to meet the specific needs of your business, add-ons, plugins, and other fixes are added to the free template. While these additions make the platform functional for your business, they are not cheap at all.

Short implementation period Because of the readymade themes, building this type of a website is considerably shorter than choosing custom website development, regardless of whether you choose a freelancer or web design company. If you do not have big demands on your business website in terms of design, functionality and user friendly interface and want it to be created as quickly as possible, this option is the right one for you.

Presence of a demo All readymade templates have demo versions, which allows you to see how your future website will look. Many business owners have no IT knowledge whatsoever and the presence of a preview of the final result allows them to get a clear idea of what they will eventually get as a result and whether it would suit their needs.

Disadvantages of readymade templates

Lack of uniqueness If you look at some of the famous IT markets for ready-made templates, you will find that almost all designs are very similar. The differences and uniqueness in them are lacking. You are very likely to choose a theme that has been used many times before you – and this leads to a uniformity that brings negatives, especially given that you are positioned in a high-tech business environment. If you choose to pay the price for a template that will be unique to your business, it is so expensive that you’d better invest in custom website development instead.

Restriction The biggest disadvantage of these systems is the inability to add functionality to your taste without paying extra for it. Many corporate websites need unique features, which cannot be achieved with templates, but only with custom website development.

Slow maintenance or no maintenance at all Very often, templates support is much slower than custom website development. Due to the large number of templates sold, there is a possibility for your problems waiting in a long line in the support office of the IT agency that created the theme. Such a delay will often complicate your business and may pose additional problems for you and your customers.

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Advantages of custom website development

Uniqueness Undoubtedly, the biggest plus of custom website development is the ability to create your own, unique website that is tailor-made to your brand, and fully responsive to your business needs. There is hardly a serious company around the world that does not use custom website development to create its own website.

Functionality Custom website development allows you to configure your website according to the features you need. Many businesses need specific features on their website, which can only be implemented through custom website development. Ultimately, having a website is not just about presenting your company, it is very common to provide unique services to your customers. The opportunities to fully improve the business process of your business and to make it easier for your clients and employees are almost unlimited. Most of the large companies rely heavily on various functionalities on their websites to save a huge workload for their employees and save time and money for their customers.

Branding By combining the above two benefits, we come to the conclusion that custom website development is an excellent way to promote your brand. If you offer your customers / visitors a unique website with user friendly design, outstanding functionality and development as per your company standards, be sure that people will take you far more seriously and increase their confidence in you.

Timely support Custom website development offers priority support. If you have chosen a suitable custom website development company and it offers quick support for any problems or urgent changes, then you will have the peace of mind that your website will work seamlessly and there will be someone to take care of it when problems arise (and they will!).

SEO optimized It is very important that each website be SEO friendly. Today, the importance of SEO for each website is the basis of good results and the availability of good technical optimization is a must for any professional custom website development. When using templates this aspect of the website is often overlooked.

Disadvantages of custom website development

Price Certainly, the investment in custom website development will be higher than that of ready-made templates. Professional custom website development services vary according to your requirements and complexity of the project. Still, there are companies like Zibtek that can offer reasonable prices for custom website development services that are affordable for almost all business owners.

Zibtek – custom website development at affordable prices.

“We were able to move really quick and keep up with the creative ideas coming from marketing. We had some very specific customizations and Zibtek delivered. Zibtek really helped us build out the E-commerce infrastructure and bring greater stability to our platform.” DARREN KNIGHT, PROJECT MANAGER, ORABRUSH

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Zibtek uses the services of specialists from around the world, thus providing the most affordable prices to its customers. Our project managers are based in the US, making it easy for our customers and developers to communicate.

Zibtek offers high quality custom website development for the needs of any business. Be different and take advantage of the huge capabilities of custom website development. Call us and let’s build your future website together.