Advantages Of The Android Application Development

What are the main advantages of the Android application development?

Modern companies are seeking to expand their business into the digital world and more and more companies invest in the development of websites, personal software and mobile applications. Mobile devices today are so advanced that we pretty much carry mini computers in our pockets. Escalating use of smartphones and tablets in recent years has made businesses increasingly invest in mobile applications, significantly boosting revenue and causing substantial business growth. The most popular and widely used platforms for creating mobile applications are Android and iOS. Google Marketplace and App Store are the most visited digital markets. Companies around the world already have their apps that make it easier for customers and employees to work, and they also often bring significant revenue to their owners.

If you plan to create your own mobile software, we advise you to initially choose Android application development. Here are just a few of the benefits of Android application development and why it is wise to invest in creating a mobile application using the Google platform.

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Advantages of Android application development

Customizable user interface A good UI (user interface) is key to the success of any mobile application. If you are using Android application development for your platform, then you will be able to create an application that has easy-to-use and personalized applications. Google itself emphasizes the ability of users to “talk” to their own application interface, which is one of the main benefits of Android application development. Users like to customize their applications, if possible, and for Android application development this process is made easier.

Platform without licenses Android application development is based on an open source platform. You will not worry about licenses or rights on the mobile application you’ve created. It is very important that the mobile application you have paid for remains in your possession. In other words, the software product should not share licenses and rights with other parties. With Android application development, there’s no danger of losing your product rights, even though you’re using Google’s programming language.

Market share According to latest data, over 80% of mobile devices around the world use Android. Google’s dominance in this part of the digital world is indisputable, and you gain access to a greater market share when you invest in Android application development. Android’s high popularity itself implies a high ROI and a possible profit due to the vastness of its users. According to official Google Inc. reports, by 2017 there were over 2 billion Android devices worldwide.

Security It is very important that your mobile application is well protected and that there is no possibility of security breaches in the information it stores. Android application development is based on Linux, which is a guarantee of security and trouble-free operation of any mobile app on Google Market Place. Over the long history of Android, there has been no single platform crash or leakage of information from any application. Google itself relies on security, which is another important benefit of Android application development.

Compatibility with different devices There is virtually no limit to the versatility of Android application development. You can create a tablet, phone, desktop application, and the application in question can easily work with Ubuntu, Symbian, Blackberry. The technical capabilities of Android application development are virtually unlimited, because today there is almost no software that cannot be integrated with or to a mobile application for Android. The market share of Android application development is so great that all our software developments are compliant with the Google platform’s requirements and set up to easily work with Android as needed.

Affordable investment. Another positive feature of Android application development is the low one-time entry fee for Google Marketplace. You will only need to pay for the Android application development process itself, while your place in the vast Android market is free and almost seamless, as long as the mobile application meets several publishing standards.

Zibtek – the right choice for Android application development

Zibtek – the right choice for Android application development Zibtek has experience with native iOS and Android development along with platforms like PhoneGap and Cordova. We develop personalized mobile applications for different customers around the world. Our work policy is to hire rock star offshore software developers while working with US-based tech leads and enjoying high quality work that is overseen by senior level lead architects.

Zibtek is the right choice for Android application development company, because by using our services you will get:
  • — Quality assurance Our specialists are rock star offshore software developers, whose skills will turn your ideas into working and successful mobile software. Our team works successfully with the most advanced programming languages – nodels, ruby, iOS, android, python, php, .net, java and others.
  • — Easy communication As we have already mentioned, our project managers are based in the United States, which allows us to optimize the relationship between our end customers and developers. Thus, the process of work runs as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
  • — Affordable prices for our servicesIt is very important for customers to invest just as much in Android application development as the app actually costs. At Zibtek, we use the services of developers from around the world, thus significantly reducing the price of the final product to US-based companies.
Here is what some of our customers have to say about us:

We were able to move really quick and keep up with the creative ideas coming from marketing. We had some very specific customizations and Zibtek delivered. Zibtek really helped us build out the E-commerce infrastructure and bring greater stability to our platform. DARREN KNIGHT, PROJECT MANAGER, ORABRUSH

The Zibtek team has been amazing to work with. They are hardworking and fully committed to our success. With their help we have been able to quickly expand our business and get funding we wouldn’t have had otherwise. BUBBA PAGE, CEO AT QUOTADECK

If you’ve already decided to invest in Android application development, then don’t delay anymore. Call us and together we will turn your ideas into a working mobile application.