QA & Support

Software Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential part of web development. When you invest in custom software, you want to know that it will do exactly what you need. This can be ensured through thorough review and testing. At Zibtek, we know that the only way to achieve the highest quality is with a dedicated team of QA engineers. These experienced developers have the skills to assess your product and pinpoint bugs. As with all Zibtek services, our team answers to you. You can count on regular updates and thorough information about the QA process. When do you need a QA team? -If you are currently using a vendor for custom software development, a QA team can review ongoing production -If additional technical support is needed for a completed project -If your current software is not performing well and needs revisions for optimization Whatever your needs are, Zibtek’s QA services provide a dedicated team of experienced engineers. Zibtek hires only the top talent across global markets to ensure the highest quality. You won’t need to track down CVs of software testers or conduct time-intensive interviews (though you can, if you want to!). With Zibtek, you can trust that the QA team is proven and effective. Throughout the process, your team will be available for your requests, and a U.S.-based project manager will maintain constant communication with your offshore team.

Specific areas of expertise:
  • A close examination of the code can reveal issues without building and testing your product. Highly experienced developers can review code to assess the quality and make recommendations for improvements. These reviews can circumvent problems that are difficult to find through other methods.
  • A complex web application with front-end and back-end elements requires thorough testing for success. Zibtek’s wide-range of experience in development means that we have the engineers capable of assessing your application.
  • Your product exists for the people who use it. Usability testing shows how you’re your product will succeed in giving users an intuitive, functional product.
  • When experienced developers evaluate your product for usability and user experience, they can offer recommendations for the most helpful improvements.
  • Evaluating a mobile app requires specific parameters and considerations that don’t factor in to basic web applications. You have to consider the different devices users will have to access your app, and how those device can affect user experience.
  • The best mobile app testing considers factors such as how other functions and apps on the phone will interact with your product, how the SD card will interface, and how network connections will determine usability.

Investing in custom software development is a smart move for modern businesses. QA services ensures that the investment provides maximum benefit to your business. A sophisticated product that can’t perform is unacceptable. Code review and thorough testing through a dedicated QA team means that you can count on your product working as intended.