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Seeking the experts you need to complete your web project can be confusing. Not only are there many companies offering web design and web application development, those companies use lots of acronyms and jargon. How do you know what you need for your project?
One place to start in approaching your project need is understanding the differences between web design, UX and UI
You don’t need to be an experienced developer to understand the basics of web design. Once you know more about the disciplines within web development, you will be able to cut through the jargon and understand which experts are the ones for your project.

  • Web design focuses on the look-and-feel of your online space. A good web design team will work closely with your team to understand your business and build visuals that effectively convey your product online. Their expertise typically includes:
    • creative concepting
    • color theory
    • typography
    • infographics
  • Web design is focused on visual appeal and basic navigability. Web design developers with Zibtek are skilled in creating interactive, eye-catching websites that demonstrate your company’s strengths. Expertly crafted graphics invite users to spend time with your brand.
  • Web designers are hired for their skill in brand messaging and graphic design. While they have fundamental coding skills, web designers work best with a skilled team of developers who can write code.
  • UX stands for "User Experience." Ever web developer is creating a product for the end user, but UX design makes every aspect of the end user experience front-and-center using metrics and methodology to improve the user’s interaction with the product. UX is not limited to websites but also refers to apps and software.
  • UX comes into play when there is a specific goal users on a website, app or software product. Such a goal must take into account user information (e.g. demographic, psychology, and user motivations) to determine the flow of user choices and the functionality needed from the product.
  • An essential step in UX design is a testing phase in which subjects interact with a clickable prototype to test out usability. Another phase of testing may occur after launching the website or product.
  • UI is the acronym for “User Interface,” which entails products that provide complex information to users through intuitive interface. Through a well designed interface, users can access data and workflows through screens that render the complex simple. Effective UI offers users complex programming in easy-to-understand segments.
  • UI designers understand how to translate machine processes to human users. With excellent UI, people can effectively retrieve computing information through intuitively designed workflows.
  • UI is a good fit for complex front-end development. Effectively managing sophisticated computing with minimal user effort requires innovative design and attention to complexity and detail.
  • Web Design, UX Design and UI Design often overlap in a finished website or application. Of course, you wouldn’t want a product lacking in any of them. However, depending on which aspects are most important to your business, you might want to emphasize web design, UX or UI in the proposal process. Zibtek has proven strengths in all three areas, so we can supplement your dedicated team of developers with additional expertise where needed.

Not sure which web developers you need to complete your project? Contact Zibtek today and we can give you the information you need to decide.