Innovative features separates customer feedback tool from the competition.


Capture, Analyze And Take Action On Consumer Feedback

Wantoo collects feedback leveraging refreshingly simple ‘Idea Boards’ and integrates directly with leading social communication and customer relationship platforms. The tool helps companies find and prioritize popular and previously submitted ideas from end users on their products and services. By aggregating and weighting client responses, proper merit and direct attention can be more naturally given to the things customers truly care about.

With Wantoo, the most valuable ideas for all stakeholders float to the top. Once aggregated, product teams can then sync collected data, gather management input and share reports across communication tools such as Slack, Trello, and Jira.

The product’s automatically aggregated and weighted feedback allows companies to capture and prioritize customer needs in a way like never before. The result is better products and engaged customers who participate in product development. Most importantly, companies build up an army of advocates who will extend the company’s reach into their own professional and social networks.


Our Strategy

How we work
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Our designers and architects work with you to define every feature, screen, and user flow.

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Receive product builds every two-weeks as we add features.

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We analyze user feedback to help you prioritize new features.


  • The client identified a gap in the market for product teams that wanted to automatically aggregate customer feedback. The non-technical founder needed a custom software development firm to bring their idea to life.
  • The goal was to create a minimum viable product that could be salable at launch and also be used on itself. The business model chosen was SaaS software development; the client wanted an immediately marketable product.
  • Initial market feedback suggested that building a SaaS product was a natural fit because the product had to be adaptable to varying team and customer base sizes and still analyze the feedback given by clients or team members in a dynamic and familiar way for small teams.
  • The tool, as it was conceived, had a built-in feedback loop – when firms used it, data drove the product development roadmap.
  • The platform required direct API integration with Jira, Slack and customer relationship management systems like SalesForce and a wide range of third-party platforms.


  • We guided the company through a preliminary discovery phase that included wireframing, design and architecture.
  • As a result of preliminary planning, determinations were made to scale back components of the initial scope to focus on the core aspects of what the business truly needed to launch.
  • We helped Wantoo design and develop the novel concept of ‘Idea Boards’ that help firms get feedback whenever customers interact with a product and company.
  • Every physical data point in the customer journey, digital, or mobile became collectable with just a single line of code.
  • Integrated with Zendesk, Salesforce, Twitter, and Facebook APIs among other social platforms, the tool could be implemented by enterprise firms from day one.

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