Training Amigo

Fitness app completes funding for their MVP by including innovative new features.


Compete In Virtual Fitness Challenges

Training Amigo is a custom web and mobile application that helps growing firms facilitate health and wellness programs digitally. Training Amigo engaged Zibtek as their software development company of choice to build their MVP platform and support it long term with staff augmentation services.

For the initial MVP development of the product, the company wanted to build a solution to facilitate virtual fitness challenges across the globe. Users also needed the option to redeem the points that they earn to get discounts and prizes.

With a layer of gamification they wanted to allow users to earn wellness points by syncing their fitness devices with Health Kit. Surpassing milestones allowed users to unlock new discounts and prizes. Social features in Training Amigo let users motivate other ‘amigos’ across the globe. One of the unique features of the app is the ability to locate local health professionals and coaches across the globe.


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  • The client was a non-technical founder who needed a custom software development team to bring his vision for a digital wellness platform to life.
  • As the company was a self-funded startup, the founder needed an engineering team to guide application development towards core platform development and a functional MVP before any ancillary features were completed.
  • The goal was to raise capital once value could be proven. Zibtek helped develop the initial product roadmap before jumping into development.
  • One primary objective of the application was to collect data on a user’s daily activity including but not limited to steps, distance, and calories.
  • The client wanted us to pull in the activities data from third-party devices such as iOS Health Kit and provide actionable insights using that data. This required significant custom IOT and wearable custom development.
  • Data from various devices needed to be transformed into a unified format and required cross compatibility of data from different devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Health App, Withings, Apple Watch, and more.


  • Zibtek helped the client define scope for the MVP version of the product as well as the product roadmap.
  • Zibtek’s engineers built a simple cloud based web application that rounded out the core MVP features desired by the client and their target market.
  • Engineers then build a single data collection module to integrate directly with various third-party applications such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings using oAuth. We also integrated Apple Health Kit APIs to fetch data from iOS health apps. In some cases, devices pushed data to central servers used by those external firms and was then retrieved via API.
  • The features of the final version of the product include health screenings, preventive health care education, engagement features like connecting with other users and participating in wellness contests.


  • As a startup firm, the company needed their proof of concept to wow investors and showcase real results from the MVP.
  • Based on our work, Training Amigo successfully completed four rounds of funding.
  • As a result of development efforts and the capital raise, the firm has been able to flourish as an independent firm.
  • The company continues to grow organically and maintain continued use from its customers across the US.

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