The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is a Los Angeles based company that inspires others through jewellery that serves a greater purpose.



The Giving Keys started their operations to inspire the world to pay it forward. They use a social impact employment model which helps in using some funds from the money they make by purchasing the product they create in supporting job creation for those people that are transitioning out from homelessness in the great city Los Angeles. The Giving Keys makes and sells key necklaces and other jewelry that they make out of repurposed keys.

With each job that they offer, they also provide many fantastic benefits such as time-off for housing, education and case management appointments. They also work on creating a supportive environment that cares for the whole person.


Our Strategy


  • The product was based on a noble idea to help vulnerable people who are transitioning from homelessness. The owner of the company saw a need for helping those living in her community. The Giving Keys needed help from Zibtek to take that idea from a vision to a fully-fledged working website.


  • A full-time developer and designer were assigned to work on redesigning the online store. There were several aspects on the front-end (from creating new categories, to responsiveness on multiple mobile devices, to quicker loading times) that were reworked for an even more pleasing and impactful look and feel.


  • As of 2018 The Giving Keys has generated 137,372 hours of work for people transitioning out of homelessness.