RE-volv is a web application that was set up with a vision to help solar energy spread rapidly across the country.


Helping Solar Energy Spread

Through crowd-funding, RE-volv allows individuals that support clean energy to donate to help build solar-powered communities across the country. The money they contribute receives tax exemption.

RE-volv provides solar financing to community-based nonprofits and cooperatives around the country that don't have access to traditional solar finance. These organizations save money on their electric costs while paying RE-volv back through a 20-year lease with interest. The lease payments are reinvested in a revolving fund, the Solar Seed Fund, which continually finances community-based solar projects. Over time, each dollar donated to an individual solar project will go towards financing three or more solar projects.

Our Strategy

How we work
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Our designers work with you to define every feature, screen, and user flow

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Receive product builds every two-weeks as we add features

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We analyze user feedback to help you prioritize new features


  • The web developer who created the initial website did not do it well, and the client was not at all happy with the outcome of it.The web developer who created the initial website did not do it well, and the codebase was quite messy.
  • The app had a lot of bugs that resulted in many performance bottlenecks.
  • The design was also suboptimal. So, the requirement was to essentially revamp and redesign the whole application.


  • We redesigned the application from scratch and addressed the performance bottlenecks.
  • We used Coral, Granite, and JavaScript extensively to build AEM Asset Integration UI
  • The finished product included analytics and a rich dashboard allowing the admin to accurately track projects, donations and website users.


RE-volv was awarded the Leadership in Green Power Education Award for its Solar Ambassador Program.

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