Development of unique marketing tool helps restaurants market themselves and scale rapidly.


Lunchspread Helps You Explore New Restaurants

Lunchspread is a direct marketing tool that helps great independent restaurants acquire new customers through targeted free samples to local offices. For office workers, its a risk-free way to discover new local restaurants—through free food delivered right to the office!

Its primary customers are independent restaurants. There are over 300K independent restaurants in the US alone. And its secondary customers are offices and catering orders. The business catering market in the US is over $9B.

It charges restaurants a tiered monthly subscription for access to office leads (i.e. lead generation) among other marketing services. It also takes a commission on catering orders made through the site.

Our Strategy

How we work
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Our designers work with you to define every feature, screen, and user flow

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Receive product builds every two-weeks as we add features

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We analyze user feedback to help you prioritize new features


  • Design and develop an easy-to-use web application for both caterers and office staff. The idea is to connect good restaurants with people looking for good food in the office.
  • The web app should have a tiered monthly subscription plan that can be charged to the restaurant owners.


  • Created an intuitive GUI keeping in mind the requirements of the end users.
  • Utilized React for the mobile app and Python on the server side for API’s. .


  • Lunchspread has helped 200+ independent restaurant owners grow their own business.
  • The client increased their monthly subscription plans by 35%.

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