Game Plan

Mobile app for student athletes increased automation & improved user engagement significantly.


Game Plan is a web and mobile application used by student and professional athletes as a solution for the pressing stress they encounter as they strive to excel on and off the field. The company provides online learning opportunities to assist these athletes in balancing school work with their chaotic schedules. Career services are also provided through Game Plan; while the athletes are given a chance to foster relationships with alumni, sponsors, and other employers to unlock potential career opportunities. Game Plan also aids the students in their development by providing mentors to support them in their endeavors.


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  • The Game Plan team needed a solution to handle development planning and staffing.
  • The company did not have the engineering staff to complete the project.
  • The client needed advice and assistance in ensuring the highest level of security for their databases and web application.
  • Game Plan also experienced performance complications because the core architecture was not scalable
  • The owner of Game Plan had ambitious goals for their SaaS product but lacked the development team needed to reach their goals.
  • Since Game Plan was investing budget into multiple avenues as a rapidly growing company, the organization didn’t have a sufficient budget to hire the full development team that they were in need of.


  • As a result of Zibtek’s process of receiving high-level business requirements then turning them into low-level development projects, Game Plan’s management had more time to focus on their business and product.
  • Due to Zibtek's cost advantage, Game Plan was able to utilize a team of 4 engineers with a Sr. team lead for architectural challenges, along with a part-time QA.
  • Now that Game Plan’s engineering team is at scale, the company can prevent scattered plans and project timelines in the case that a valuable engineer is absent.
  • Along with keeping Game Plan’s engineering team at scale, the company was able to supplement engineers efficiently when necessary, as well as scale down when a difficult situation arose resulting in a need to reduce the cost.


  • The organization was able to expand into other markets for company growth as well as expand its service offerings.
  • Game Plan merged with a strategic partner to expand its market reach.
  • With the main audience for this company being college students and professional athletes with chaotic schedules, the development of the new mobile app caused an increase in user engagement. The implementation of a mobile app allowed the users to easily access the platform on the go, which was valuable for an athlete with a bustling schedule.
  • With the help of the Game Plan team, Zibtek automated many of the manual tasks required by the company’s internal team. This automation allowed Game Plan to invest more time in acquiring new business.
  • Working together we developed an agile approach to solving business problems which is extremely beneficial during unprecedented change.

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