Fortify is a science-based recovery application that is designed to help individuals (including men and women of all ages) who are struggling with pornography addiction.


Science-Based Addiction Recovery Application

Fortify is a science-based recovery application that is designed to help individuals (including men and women of all ages) who are struggling with pornography addiction. Fortify is one of several successful online tools developed for mental health and wellness. In addition to Fortify, other client-facing apps include Lift (a tool for combating anxiety and depression) and Turn (for overcoming chemical dependence). The team also developed RecoverySuite for health care professionals to track patient progress and outcomes through HIPAA compliant tools. With its tools, education, and community, Fortify is empowering individuals to quit pornography and move towards a happier and healthier life.

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The client approached Zibtek to transform its legacy software with a focus on improving the overall flexibility, robustness, and performance. They wanted us to update all four websites (Fortify, Turn, Lift and RecoverySuite). With the growing business, their solutions were becoming more complex. Therefore, they needed a scalable solution that would serve their growing business needs

Problems that the client was facing with the website:

  • The website required a total reboot as it was experiencing frequent database freezes:
    1. Some webpages were not displaying the desired output. For instance, ‘Gender’ and ‘Location’ sections on the dashboard page were not generating a proper output. This issue was hampering the registration process on the website.
    2. Posts and links for the users were not displayed in the ‘Daily discussion’ page (meaning where individuals share insights and stories together). This issue was occurring because the back-end functionalities of the website were outdated.
    3. They needed a robust database system in order to reduce the complexity of updating and maintaining the website. The admin was unable to allot more than one clinician to a user, although there were instances in which a user wanted to connect with more than one counselor or clinician.
  • Apart from improving the website performance, they also wanted some modifications on the website in order to meet their unique business needs. They wanted to implement new features and functionality enhancement in the survey section of the website so that they would be able to reach out to a wide variety of audiences.
  • The page loading time of the website was 40 seconds. They wanted to minimize the page loading time in order to deliver a better user experience to their customers.


Our team first evaluated the defects and inefficiencies on all the websites (including Fortify, Turn, Lift and RecoverySuite) and was able to enhance, improve and modify the quality of the application as per the client’s requirements.

Areas that our team has improved and enhanced for the applications:

  • Using Ruby on Rails and PL SQL, our developers have eradicated all the database freezes and database handling issues on the website. This, in turn, has resolved the following issues:
    1. Unlike before, all the webpages of the website (including ‘Gender’ and ‘Location’ sections on the dashboard page) are displaying the desired and relevant output. Hence, the registration process of the web pages has also streamlined.
    2. Back-end functionalities of the website are also improved. With the efficient optimization of the ‘Daily discussion’ page by our developers, the post and links (with proper information) are now being displayed on the webpage. This has improved the way users interact with the application, boosting the brand awareness of the website globally.
    3. Now, the admin is able to allot more than one clinician to the user (if he/she needs). Also, the complexities of the web pages have reduced to 50%.
  • New features and functionalities have been added in the survey section of the website. These enhancements and modifications have simplified the process of conducting the online survey while increasing the user interactivity on the website.
  • While implementing the features to resolve all these issues, the biggest challenge that our developers have faced was that any changes made to the one website (let's say Fortify), was affecting the output of other associated websites also (Turn, Lift, and RecoverySuite). Our developers fixed this issue by using APIs and making modifications and improvements in the front-end functionalities of the websites.


Zibtek successfully delivered the project (comprised of the enhancements and improvements to the four websites: Fortify, Turn, Lift and RecoverySuite) to the client within the deadline. We were able to fulfill their business expectations and requirements. Our actions resulted in the following business outcomes:
  • The page loading time of the website is reduced from 40 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • We provided a robust database system that has streamlined the service effectiveness of the client.
  • Almost 80% reduction in the effort while taking real-time feedback and conducting surveys, improving the overall business value.
  • Customer satisfaction is enhanced by 50%.
  • Millions of people in over 155 countries are using this application now.
  • Following the client’s complete satisfaction with our work, they outsourced the creation of a mobile application to us in order to develop a new mobile application from scratch.

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