Dental Warranty

Dental Warranty is the most powerful HIPAA compliant custom software and dental insurance application in the US. The company helps dentists warranty procedures provided to patients on their cosmetic, restorative, fixed or removable dental treatments.


Industry Leading Dental Insurance

Dental Warranty Inc is the premier third party protection plan for patients receiving dental procedures. When a patient is receiving expensive cosmetic or dental work it is a real possibility that life events or accidents after the fact could lead to expensive rework. Patients at dental practices who use Dental Warranty gain the ability to ensure their investment is protected. Dental practices benefit from incremental revenue and patients save money; both parties reduce risk.

When a dental patient receives cosmetic, restorative, fixed or removable dental treatment, many of these dental treatments are not covered under a patient’s insurance policy. In some cases it could be prohibitively expensive for a patient to pay the huge dental bills for any rework.

As a result of using the service, treatments are backed by a world-class warranty policy and transferrable to other dentist using the service. The outcome is peace-of-mind and savings for dentists as well as patients.

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Receive product builds every two-weeks as we add features


The client wanted to improve, enhance and maintain the web application, eradicate lingering bugs and solve longstanding architectural issues as well as move the platform forward with material enhancements.

The software had reached significant market traction and was being used to ensure hundreds of thousands of patient procedures. Stability, data integrity and ongoing development required an equal balance and the current engineering structure in place was falling short of the company’s needs. Enhanced user experience was also at the forefront of their objectives.

  • Over the years, the application architecture had been modified several times and included older versions of available technologies. To maintain productivity and growth for the firm, the company needed to evaluate structural issues with the codebase.
  • The application was also lagging behind in needed updates and enhancements which would materially facilitate long term objectives in the business model. Needed improvements in front-end and back-end functionalities, included:
    1. API retrieval mismatch - on the web application, while registering for coverage, some dental offices were getting data in popups that belonged to other offices.
    2. Pending registrations - customers were not getting seeing necessary information displayed in the application if the number of registrations exceeded certain amounts.
    3. Redundant data - was getting displayed when the dental office was trying to fetch the name of the patients who registered for coverage.
  • The client was facing issues maintaining the database for their customers’ warranty and insurance accounts. And, in some instances page loading time on the web application was significant, leading to slow performance.
  • A robust account set up was needed on the web application in order to display the proper information to the customers who signed up for the product.
  • Finally, as numerous practices were using the software, ongoing support requests had to be accomplished in addition to other tasks. The application was not properly optimized to resolve routine support issues and unique customer concerns often required direct database level updates.


Zibtek’s team of software developers undertook a comprehensive audit to understand the critical paths for resolving active issues and worked to uncover any lurking variables which could undermine the integrity of the active solution. From this software and infrastructure audit, a plan of attack was defined with the business to confirm the highest priority requirements.

Focus on core feature stability:

  • As the system used an older version of Angular, our team had to focus on cleaning up components which could be resolved with a degree of finality. Angular components which could be updated were improved and enhanced ensuring data was being properly saved in the back-end. Numerous functions were re-written along with enhancements to the user interface for the web application. Particular issues resolved in the Angular front end include:
    1. Created uniform dialogue popups – we made a dynamic class structure to ensure that the correct pop-ups messages were getting properly displayed for every customer (dental office) who accessed the website to register coverage for their patients.
    2. Eliminate data redundancy issues – in our audit, our developers discovered that the app was coded in a way that made use of numerous redundant classes. Significant measures were taken to eliminate problematic, redundant data issues between the .Net and Angular application layers.
    3. Speed and performance optimization - we were able to improve web application performance and optimize numerous queries for speed. Proper segregation of data reduced page loading time and improved available bandwidth on the server, making the app run significantly faster for end users.
  • Using proper REST API structures, we fixed the following back-end issues on the web application:
    1. We corrected the pending registration list to properly display data, whereas before, even if the number of registrations exceeds the previous maximum, it would display.
    2. Account set up issues were resolved to allow the display of the relevant information, including a list of warranties, coverage, and insurance, when customers or users signed up on the product.


Dental Warranty was able to drive significant stability to a platform that had long been plagued by visual and data issues. The client has since been able to focus on platform expansion efforts that materially enhance the capabilities available to practices. Our team was able to satisfy material business needs and then assist the client in the pivot towards enhancements of the platform. Zibtek was able to provide a more effective, efficient and informative service than previous providers. This, in turn, led the client to select Zibtek as their custom software development company of choice for 90% of their front-end, back-end and database work.

Through dedication to the project, we delivered the following business outcomes:
  • Task turnaround time improved by 70% over previously observed periods.
  • Refactored API code storage and the entire deployment processes, reduced deployments from several hours to under an hour.
  • A robust database alert system was added to notify internal teams and management to server issues.
  • Stability was materially enhanced for the company and end users.
  • After the application was properly optimized, the client is able to deliver enhanced value to their customers and return their focus to new features.

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