Dental Warranty

Dental Warranty is an application that assists dental patients on their cosmetic, restorative, fixed or removable dental treatment.


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Dental Warranty is an application that assists dental patients on their cosmetic, restorative, fixed or removable dental treatment. As many of these dental treatments are not covered under a patient’s insurance policy, it becomes expensive for the patient to pay the huge dental bills.

Dental Warranty, Inc., has made all this easier for the patients as well as for the operating dentist to give their patients a warranty on all dental treatments. Their treatment is backed up by a world-class insurance company. This results in peace-of-mind for both dentists as well as patients.

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The client wanted to improve, enhance and maintain the website in order to eradicate the issues their customers were facing. At the same time, they wanted to deliver a great user experience to their customers.

  • The client’s website needed some enhancements and improvements in front-end and back-end functionalities, like:
    1. On the website, while registering for the coverages (that need to be approved by the client), some dental offices were getting different pop-ups than the other offices.
    2. Pending registrations for the customers were not getting displayed in the application if the number of registrations goes beyond 200.
    3. Redundant data were getting displayed when the dental office was trying to fetch the name of the patients who registered for coverages.
  • The client was facing issues in maintaining the database for their customers’ warranty and insurance accounts.
  • A robust account set up is needed on the website in order to display the proper and relevant information to the customers who are signing up on the website.
  • The application was not properly optimized. Page loading time on the website was extended, leading to low performance.


Our team of software developers understood the business requirements of the client and met their expectations.

Some features that we focused on and implemented in the project:

  • Our developers used Angular to improve and enhance the front-end and back-end functionalities of the application. Along with designing the modern and intuitive user interface for the website, we fixed the following issues using Angular:
    1. Now, the same pop-ups are getting displayed for every customer (dental office) who is accessing the website to register for coverages for their patients.
    2. Using .Net with Angular, our developers coded the app in a way that has completely eliminated the redundant data issues on the website.
    3. We were able to improve website performance and its optimization speed. We have done proper segregation of data in the code that reduced the page loading time of webpages, making the app run faster.
  • Using the REST API technique, we fixed the following back-end issues on the website:
    1. Unlike before, the pending registration list of the patients is displayed even if the number of registrations exceeds the previous maximum.
    2. Account set up issues have been solved. Now, the website is displaying the relevant information, including a list of warranties, coverages, and insurance, when customers or users are signing-up on the website.


Zibtek provides high-quality work to its customers. Our team was able to satisfy the business needs of the client. We were able to provide a more effective, efficient and informative website to the client. This, in turn, led the client to outsource 90% of their front-end, back-end and database work to Zibtek.

Through dedication to the project, we delivered the following business outcomes:
  • The turnaround time of the application improved by 70%.
  • Refactored API code storage and deployment processes, hence reducing deployments from several hours to under an hour.
  • Added a robust database alert system to notify internal teams and management to server issues.
  • The new website was more user-friendly.
  • After the application was properly optimized, the client is able to deliver value to their customers.

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