LiveFyre is an all-new Experience Manager capability that lets you tap into everything shared on the web to create a constant flow of fresh and high-quality content on your own sites. LiveFyre later became a part of Adobe Experience Manager.


Building and integrating LiveFyre into the Adobe Experience Manager

According to top industry analysts, it gives marketers the tools they need to easily weave on-brand user-generated content into their own websites and other marketing experiences. Livefyre intuitive technology gives brands and publishers the ability to add social content to their branded websites, driving audience exploration of products and services that drive traffic, conversions and revenue.

Adobe partnered with Zibtek in building Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). It was a massive five-year project, and we did 100% of the product development for the end-product you can see today. Adobe acquired Livefyre in 2016 and now integrated it to their product Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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  • App Components: The platform needed to have the capability of taking a wide variety of data sets as input and displaying the corresponding media with other relevant metadata
  • AEM Asset Integration: This should permit users to select user-generated content(UGC) from an internal library. Besides using the UGC library, users should have the ability to fetch other relevant assets using various filters from social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. After collecting the assets, the user can insert them into various app components as required
  • The product needs to be built using modern technologies without giving too much emphasis on the external codebase
  • Needed to follow a proper design pattern to allow other modules to enter easily into the application without causing any damage to the existing modules
  • The product needs to embrace any upgrade in the internal tools especially when it comes to different versions of AEM


  • We built the app components using Mustache and Less.JS, which runs on NodeJS. Mocha and Jasmine, which run on Karma test runner, were used to automate the code
  • We used Coral, Granite, and JavaScript extensively to build AEM Asset Integration UI
  • The code was automated using Nightwatch JS, and the product runs on a Selenium server
  • To prevent redundancy, we used these development kits to build various components. Functionalities that are specific to this particular app are handled or managed within the app codebase


Livefyre content marketing and engagement platform helped define a new breed of digital experiences by enabling brands to integrate real-time social experiences into their content strategy.

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