• No new infrastructure required

    One Huge advantage of hiring an offshore software development company is that you do not need to create and manage a development team at all. Project start-up can take off more quickly if you do not need to consider the infrastructure and the setup of your own development center.

  • Time zone differences working with people overseas

    This is a benefit or a problem depending on how you look at it. It is always desirable to have some overlapping between the local and remote work hours so you can meet and resolve issues quickly. Besides that, you may greatly benefit having a team with some hours ahead or behind your local time.

  • Shared responsibility

    Risk management in software development is usually underestimated by most non-IT companies. When deciding to outsource a given component, the parties agree on what has to be done, and the impact and risk management is shared among them.

  • Open communication

    Clear communication in any work environment is paramount but it is especially important when offshoring. You need a partner who speaks clear English, can be available to work during your waking hours and is readily available and responsive to all communication channels.

  • Active management

    The next crucial ingredient for offshore development success is continuous and consistent management. We think of this piece as a two-way street. We'll provide you with daily updates from your developers and full access to our team's calendars for any time you need.

  • Finding the right partner

    Finally, the most important part of offshore development success is picking the right partner. We know deciding who and where to outsource your development to is a time suck. But, it's time well spent if you truly vet candidates and find a company that can help you not only develop software but helps you scale your business.