Attitudes toward labor, outsourcing, management and responsibility are always evolving. Current legal trends are holding companies responsible for US labor forces they may not technically employ but who produce work for them—contractors, third-party employees, etc. We could start seeing this internationally, too, increasing liability for companies who utilize traditional outsourcing. At the same time, companies are also realizing that the lack of control created in many outsourcing arrangements isn’t always good for business. Even as companies are being held legally responsible for their outsourced human resources, many offshore human resource providers are finding better ways to remain outside the legal reach of the client companies they’ve contracted with. Many are the horror stories told to me by clients and colleagues about trying to hold suppliers accountable for project delays, shoddy or error-ridden work, and even complete non-delivery. In countries where courts don’t listen and law enforcement is a mixed bag at best, making sure contracts are fulfilled and seeking recompense when they aren’t is often fruitless. The cost savings of outsourcing are still tremendous when a project is carried off correctly, though, and the efficiency with which quality work can be delivered by a properly managed team of outsourced talent is tantalizing. It’s little wonder many startups and larger companies are torn between the lures of outsourcing and the safety of sticking close to home. With the right touch of insourcing, you can get the best of both worlds—cost savings and security in one.

Domestic Management, International Talent

The simple solution to the outsourcing problem is to make sure there’s an arm of your outsourcing company that’s nearby and that can be held accountable. A company operating right here in the US, for instance, that just happens to have long-standing relationships with software engineers, developers and others who make a great living where they live and who save startups big bucks compared to in-house alternatives. With experienced management here in the US, you get the responsiveness and the accountability you need to feel secure and ensure your deadlines and objectives are respected. With reliable overseas talent, you get quality product turned around quickly without the overhead, hassle, or expense of hiring temporary in-house developers. Outsourcing done right leaves you in complete control of your project, working within legal—and ethical—parameters to achieve cost savings and to get deliverables on the timetable you and your investors need. The problems that others are experiencing, from National Labor Relations Board interference to an inability to get their vendors to cough up the goods, all stem from ceding that control at the beginning. That’s something Zibtek would never ask you to do.

Outsourcing is Still In, If you Do it Right

If you want to learn more about our approach to outsourcing, and why we’re so confident it will work for you just as it’s worked for our past and current clients, please get in touch.  We can walk you through the whole outsourcing process and show you just how advantageous a bit of insourced outsourcing can be.