In this digital landscape, enterprises are adopting smart solutions in order to strengthen their financial operations and productivity. To maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, many business firms are investing hugely in enterprise software development. Enterprise software is an application that is designed to meet the needs of organizations. For enterprise software development, Python is the favorite language due to its robustness and versatility. In the last few years, Python has shown incredible growth and emerged as the most popular programming language. If you want to know why Python programming language is ideal for business firms then here is some information to get you started.

Top Reasons Why Python Development is Widely Used in Enterprise

1. Highly scalable

Python facilitates versatility in the application, enabling developers to handle various tasks of different sizes. The following things make Python scalable:

  • Multi-programming paradigm support

It supports multiple programming paradigms, including an object-oriented approach, functional programming, and procedural programming. This multiple support for programming paradigms makes Python a well-suited language for enterprises. This is because a single programming paradigm cannot resolve most complex issues, whereas the language that supports multi-programming paradigms has the ability to solve issues effectively, making the application robust and scalable at the same time.

  • Interpreted language

Python is an interpreted language, meaning, it executes the code line-by-line, taking one program instruction at a time (this is in contrast with compiled programming languages that execute all programs at once). Being an interpreted language, Python enables developers to create scripts and code on a larger scale quickly. This, in turn, reduces the development time.

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2. Vast library and frameworks

Python offers a wide range of ready-made libraries and frameworks for free. Developers can use these libraries and frameworks to build powerful software quickly with a cost-effective approach. This, in turn, reduces the development cost for the enterprises.

Examples of some popular Python libraries and frameworks include:

  • Scikit-learn: It is used for machine learning, data analysis, and data mining.
  • Tensorflow: It is the popular library for Python, developed by Google. It is used to create features and functionalities of deep learning modules including, image recognition, face recognition and more.
  • Keras: It is used in machine learning (for creating neural networks).
  • Numpy: It is used for scientific computing and mathematical operations.
  • Pandas: It contains a high-performance data structure that developers used in analyzing various modules.
  • Django: Django is a secure, reliable and efficient framework for larger and complex applications. It enables developers to build highly customizable apps quickly.
  • Flask: It is a microframework that enables developers to build highly flexible, lightweight and small applications, with less effort and time. Unlike Django, Flask cannot be used to build large and complex applications.  
  • Pyramid: It brands itself as “start small but finish big”, meaning you can simply get started with designing your applications and Pyramid will scale your application effectively as your project grows.
  • Tornado: Tornado is an asynchronous networking library. With its non-blocking network I/O, it scales tens of thousands of open connections, making itself suitable for WebSockets, long polling, etc.

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3. Easy to learn and understand

In business projects, the quality of the application and its development speed plays a vital role. Python helps developers in building quality applications in less time. With Python, it is easy to review the code written by others. Developers can check, review and debug the Python code seamlessly. This speeds up the development and testing process, reducing the time-to-market for applications.

Python is one of the most simple and easily understandable languages. It is easy to use and learn because of it’s clean, structured and clear syntax. Its code is similar to the English language and highly readable. This, in turn, makes its writing process highly intuitive. Python language is suitable for various types of applications (including machine learning, scientific computations, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.) because of its low learning curve. Even people with little programming experience can easily learn Python. As any complex programming language with a high learning curve will delay the development process, Python is a popular language among developers, testers and data engineers.

4. Extensive open-source environment

Python has a huge and robust ecosystem that is well-suited for enterprise usage. All the modern versions of Python are certified by the Open Source Initiative and copyrighted under a GPL compatible license. This means you can take advantage of Python’s ecosystem without paying any subscription fees. It open-source environment/ecosystem includes:

  • A wide range of web frameworks such as Flask, Django, Pyramid, etc.
  • Various libraries for game development, image processing, machine learning, and data science and computer vision, such as Pandas, SciPy, IPython, NumPy, etc.
  • Internet protocol support for HTML, JSON, XML,IMAP, FTP, Sockets, etc., in its standard library.
  • With the Python Package Index (software repository for Python), you can find and install ready-to-use software built by the Python community, speeding up the development process.

Python has a vast community. If any complexities arise in your project, then the community can help resolve issues and bugs in your applications.

Companies using Python

Have a look at the big companies that are presently using Python:

  • Netflix has used Python in most of its application modules and components.
  • Facebook and Instagram have used Python to deal with data analysis and data processing.
  • Spotify has used Python for data analysis in its back-end.
  • A wide range of the Reddit application is written in Python.
  • Google also has explanatory documentation of Python.


Reasons why Python is suitable for business firms:

  • Due to its vast and open-source libraries and framework, it enables developers to build a wide variety of high-quality applications in less time.
  • Python is a versatile language. Applications written in Python can easily be scalable if your project requires any enhancements in the future.
  • Python is simple and easy to learn and understand. Due to its simplicity, clean syntax, and low-learning curve, it is the favorite language among developers, data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning scientists. With Python, you can speed up your development process and reduce the time-to-market.
  • Python has an extensive open-source environment, offering you a wide range of free and open-source toolkits, frameworks and IP support for its standard library. This makes Python a cost-effective approach among enterprises.

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