At Zibtek, we’re all about doing outsourcing differently—and not just differently, but more efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly. We know how to use our long-term relationships with offshore developers and engineers along with executive-level US-based management and seamless coordination with your in-house team to make sure your project moves forward as planned and on budget.

Of course, Zibtek isn’t the only outsourcing assistance firm making that claim, and we understand you might not simply take our word for it. With the hope that one short success story is worth a dozen highfalutin’ promises, here’s a quick tale about one of Zibtek’s clients and how our unique approach to outsourcing management helped speed a startup’s path to success.

QuotaDeck Gets a Better Deal

QuotaDeck CEO Bubba Page was on a mission to revolutionize lead generation and put cold calling in its grave once and for all. His methods of network introductions, dual opt-ins, and other proprietary coolness were already proven successes, generating leads that were ten times more productive than cold calls.

Bubba needed help on the development side, however; scaling QuotaDeck to be used by the masses was proving more difficult than anticipated, and it was holding back the company’s growth. With his slim network of developers and engineers stretched to the breaking point, Bubba still wasn’t seeing the progress he needed. It wasn’t until he hooked up with Zibtek that things started to turn around.

We’ll end the drama there: QuotaDeck got back on track, made it through several investment rounds and is still going strong while helping other businesses build stronger sales lists and more solid bottom lines. But it’s not just because Zibtek put together and managed a fantastic team of offshore engineers to build out QuotaDeck’s robust platform and put Bubba’s tools in wider reach. Successful development and finding product market fit were the desired end results, sure, but getting to that success took expertise not all developers know how to deliver.

Our knowledge of the iterative startup process and our careful outsourcing management are what set Zibtek apart.
Not only do we have solid, long-term relationships with some of the most talented developers in the world, we also have an unparalleled understanding of what US-based startups and companies need and how to get those developers to deliver. In QuotaDeck’s case, we provided a temporary CTO to oversee this crucial period in the company’s early growth and a US-based project manager to make sure the day-to-day development work proceeded smoothly.

Successful outsourcing isn’t just about working well with offshore workers; it’s about integrating human knowledge and resources from around the world in a way that creates the most value for your business. Zibtek is built on this principle, and it paid off for QuotaDeck in spades.

Effective Outsourcing, Outstanding Management

Outsourcing is at least as much about people as skill. if you want to put Zibtek to work for you—or if you simply want to learn more about how Zibtek can help your business—please contact us today.