Magento E-commerce development services

Get powerful and fully-fledged eCommerce solutions with Magento by one of the leading eCommerce development companies, Zibtek. Our highly-skilled Magento web developers will deliver a high-performing, fully scalable, highly robust, feature-packed and extremely secure eCommerce solution.


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Why Magento for E-Commerce development?

SEO friendly

Magento generates meta-descriptions automatically and suggests SEO friendly URLs for your web pages. With Magento, you don’t have to worry about creating them yourself.


Mobile friendly

Magento is a powerful platform that is built to be compatible with the mobile web standard design. Being completely mobile responsive, it delivers great user experiences on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Easily customizable

Everything built using Magento can be easily customizable, including the general appearance of the website, the configuration of features and products, payment and shipment options, language options, Content Management System (CMS) and more.

Feature-rich plugins

It offers a wide variety of functionalities in the form of plug-ins. These plug-ins can be used to create and customize the various features of your eCommerce website, including payment processing, accounting, shipping and more.

Help in driving conversions

Magento is designed specifically with sales in mind. It provides a segmentation option that helps you to target potential customers based on their buying history. With Magento, you can easily enhance the user experience by setting up products recommendations, presenting upsells and cross-sells on products and checkout pages.

Easy third-party integrations

Magento is powerful enough to accommodate your unique business needs. Being highly-scalable, it is a cost-effective approach for your growing business in the long-run. It can be easily connected with other websites or platforms such as Paypal, Google shopping, Amazon, QuickBooks and more. It also enables you to integrate data analytics and business intelligence tools in your eCommerce solution.

Magento E-commerce
Why Zibtek for Magento eCommerce development?
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Secure and flexible development approach

Our certified experts rely on cutting-edge technologies to build powerful solutions for our clients. From designing and developing to delivering the application, we practice a secure and flexible approach throughout the application development cycle.

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Provide error-free solutions

Our Quality Assurance team employs the best testing methodologies and tools (from unit testing to acceptance testing) in every module of the application and at every stage of the software development life cycle. We ensure the delivery of a defect-free and a perfect application.

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Seamless migrations and version upgrades

We can provide you a scalable solution for your growing business. Our developers can enhance and upgrade your website or migrate your applications that will help to improve your business process and increase your business efficiency.

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Client satisfaction

We understand the business needs of our clients and serve our clients’ businesses with the utmost responsibility. We work in an agile environment, where we familiarize our clients with the features we delivered after every sprint. With this, they can have hands-on experience with the application and can see their imagination being manifested as a live application. This enables us to understand our clients better.