Whether you own a big company or small business, at some point in time, you likely have felt the need of getting external help to develop your software products. In this digital era, technology is evolving rapidly, leading to a change in customers' tastes continuously.  Also, with the advent of new technologies, you can’t expect every software engineer on your team to be up-to-date with the latest changing technologies. Learning new technology takes time and if you have strict project deadlines, then you can’t wait until your existing developers can learn new technology and then start with designing and developing the product. As per your project demand, you need to hire the developer(s) with the required knowledge that meets your products’ needs. The need for hiring app developers can arise at any moment. In this article, we are going to explain how to find great app developers for any business and project size. But before explaining this, we have listed different scenarios  (when the need arises to hire app developers) along with the solutions, explaining how you can hire the right engineer.

Different scenarios that lead you to hire app developers

Scenario 1: If you lack the necessary expertise for bigger projects or your development team is busy

Solution: In this case, outsourcing is a good solution. It is a business practice in which organizations hand over their projects to another company in order to develop the solution. That company will take care of everything about the project, from designing and developing to managing workflows. With outsourcing, you don’t need to worry about the resources or equipment. You just need to focus on your business while your third-party experts deliver you the ready-to-use solution. Outsourcing software solutions have become a common trend among enterprises.

When to outsource?
Outsourcing the project to a third-party organization can be a good idea for well-financed startups, mid-size organizations, and large enterprises. But if your company size is relatively small, then hiring an app developer is a cost-effective approach. That developer should be able to handle all your tasks individually. With outsourcing, you get access to skilled experts who can perform your task better and increase your business efficiency.  

Scenario 2: If an expert leaves the organization in the middle of the project development

Solution: Suppose one developer on your team left the organization in the middle of your project development. In this case, outstaffing might be a good choice. Outstaffing is a term that is often confused with outsourcing. But, they are different in terms of management and responsibilities. Let's have a look:

With outstaffing, you don’t need to worry about your project if your experts leave the company.

You can hire an app developer for your team that has the knowledge and skills required for your project, without losing track of your project.

Scenario 3: If you own a small company and have small projects

Solution: For small companies with small projects, outsourcing and outstaffing the projects may not be a good idea for their business. According to their project needs and budget, they can choose a full-time app developer, freelance app developer or contract-to-hire app developer from any reliable and renowned job search or freelance website.

Here is the list of some freelance and job search websites:

(image credit: Betterteam.com)

Scenario 4: If you want to hire app developers for your in-house team

Solution: Hiring an in-house app developer can be expensive, as you need HR experts who can search app developers for you that meet your projects and business requirements. But at the same time, hiring in-hose app developers has some major advantages as well. Let's have a look:

  • Hiring an in-house developer ensures consistency in the workflow, as the in-house app developers would be well aware of your IT infrastructure and services and understand your business flow.
  • Your in-house app developers will always be there at your premises to work and solve issues and bugs that arise during the application development.

Top ways to find great app developers

Once you have selected the right scenario and its solution, it’s time to look for the platforms where you can find great app developers. Let's have a look.

How to find an outsourcing and outstaffing partner?

If you are planning to hire an outstaffing and outsourcing partner then follow these steps:

  1. Look for a B2B  research firm and rating

B2B research firms like Good Firms and Clutch provide data-driven content and verified ratings of different reputed organizations that help you to find the right outsourcing and outstaffing partner for your company.

2.  After selecting companies, do online research to find the best among them

After analyzing B2B research firm ratings, you will likely come across a few companies that match your project requirements. In order to choose the best one among them, you should browse these 4 things for those companies:

  • Who are their clients and alliance partners?
  • Then, read their case studies to find what kind of  project they handled in the past.
  • Read some of their blogs to get insights.
  • Look for their years of experience in handling projects.

These parameters will help you to find your perfect outsourcing and outstaffing partner.

How to find a freelance app developer?

Here is the list of services for searching for freelance app developers:

  1. Hired
  2. Upwork
  3. People Per Hour
  4. Gun.io
  5. Guru
  6. Freelancer

GitHub can also be a good platform to find an app developer. It is the world’s largest code hosting website that has a huge number of coders from different technologies. These coders contribute their code to millions of repositories. You can check their code quality and find the right app developer for your project.

How to hire an app development team or an app developer for your in-house team?

There are various job search sites that can help you to find app developers for your in-house team.

Some job search sites:

  1. Indeed
  2. Monster
  3. Glassdoor
  4. LinkedIn

Also, you can go to developersforhire.com; this website will ask you some questions related to your requirements. Once you enter those requirements, it will suggest relevant job search websites according to your project requirements.

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